10 Best Oral Sex Positions

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Things Everyone Should Know About Oral Sex

Oral sex can be equally stimulating and intense for men and women. You can use it for a quickie session, seduction and arousal, and preparing for penetration. The best part is how exciting it can be, especially as a surprise on the sofa or kitchen.

Fortunately, there are several oral sex positions you can explore. What’s more, is that the hottest oral sex positions don’t always include toys. This means that you can work magic with parts of your body–the lips, tongue, and hands for extra action. Also, trying different oral sex positions can help you reach an orgasm and find out which angles are comfortable for you.

Oral Sex Positions for Her

While no guide exists for the best oral sex for women, flicking the clitoris, also known as the “bean,” is known to cause intense orgasms. Before jumping into different oral sex positions for women, ensure that the woman relaxes both mentally and physically.

The Standard

Try this on your sofa or bed, where you can watch as your partner delivers subtle and intense licking between your legs.

standard oral position for her

69 Position

Are you looking for a kinky oral sex position for women? How about giving and receiving head at the same time with a 69.

69 oral position

Face Sitting

Imagine the intensity of having your partner please you while you arch yourself over their face. The best part is that you can control the intensity.

face sitting oral position for her

Doggy Oral

To introduce some oral sex toys for women, try getting head from behind. It’s a great time to enjoy some anal stimulation while you focus your vibrator on your “bean.”

doggy oral position for her

Standing position

Getting head while standing and placing one leg on your partner’s shoulder is also hot for oral sex.

standing oral position for her

Oral Sex Positions for Him

Men also enjoy the best blowjob positions for extreme orgasms.


Nothing beats a sneaky blowjob in the kitchen when one partner sexily kneels to deliver passion.

standing oral position for him

Lying Flat On Bed

Try a morning session with one of the best blowjob positions for men. You can watch their head pace up and down while you hold their head.

lying flat oral position for him

The Standard

This is a favorite among oral sex positions for men. The receiver rests on a flat surface and bends their knees. This gives the giver sufficient interaction with the genitals.

standard oral position for him

Face Sitting

Watch your partner from above as they suck your penis while lying on the bed.

face sitting oral position for him

The 69

For kinky blowjob positions, try the 69.

69 oral position

Best Oral Sex Positions

The best oral sex positions for you can vary depending on your needs.

Start with the standard because it allows sufficient stimulation of all erogenous parts, with minimal effort from the receiver. There is sufficient access to all the genitals, and the partner can adjust your limbs while you guide their speed with your hand on their head.

You can never go wrong with some doggy oral, especially when rimming. As you intensify the licking on the anus, the receiver can place a vibrating toy on their perineum or clitoris or vagina.

Face-sitting also works well for oral sex for men and women. You can hold your partner’s neck while they give you oral sex or pile up a few pillows for proper neck support.

Lastly, pull a boss-chair move on your partner on the sofa or car seat for great oral sex. Plus, you can seduce your partner into it with some role-play!

You can try different oral sex positions with your partner for sexual excitement, emotional bonds, and orgasms.