7 tantric principles for hotter sex!

1️. Plan & prepare: before sex, take the time to do whatever it is that sets your mind and body in the right mood.
2️. Breathe together: while making love, maintain eye contact and synchronize your breathing with a partner.
3. Extend the pleasure: slow down your movements as much as you can and enjoy the moment.
4. Be mindful: let go of any thought and try to be fully aware of the moment and your feelings.
5. Take turns: do not try to give and receive pleasurable experiences at the same time. Whether you’re giving or receiving, give it your full attention.
6. Delay orgasm: let the energy flow between you and your partner for as long as you can, and focus on the process, not the result.
7. Get creative: don’t stick to your usual sex routine or moves order.
Illustration by @evahillarious