A few tips that should help save your relationship through quarantine

Living through quarantine as a couple is a challenge in its own right. Being stuck with a partner 24/7 for an indefinite period of time can shake the strongest relationships, and it lies in your power to let your love go on beyond lockdown. Here’re a few tips that should help:
🏮reminisce about all the happy moments you and your SO once shared
🏮make writing lists of “reasons why I love you” a regular thing
🏮speaking of those, don’t forget to tell your partner what you admire about them
🏮create positive moments (FYI it takes 4 good things to cover for 1 negative thing)
🏮finally do those things you never had time for before
🏮remember that you and your partner are on one team!

How’s lockdown affected your relationship so far? Feel free to share your stories and tips! Good vibes to every couple 💫