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🥗 Quinoa salad: mixed with your favorite veggies, this superfood will keep you energized without giving the feeling of a full stomach.

🥤 A smoothie: this is a perfectly light, digestible meal to have before sex, just make sure not to add any dairy.

🍗 Chicken: will make you feel and look great. Have some before sex, and enjoy all the extra energy to burn.

🥪 A piece of toast: carbohydrates are very filling, especially when combined with something good & yummy–stretch your imagination.

🍎 An apple: a good choice for when you are not sure if you are really hungry. Also great for your stomach.

🥯 Flatbread: unlike dough, a couple of slices of flatbread pizza will make you feel full, but not bloated.

🥝 Fruits & veggies: they taste great, are easy to prepare and will keep you energized for as long as needed.

☕️ Coffee: being tired doesn’t go with good sex, so if you need to get some quick caffeine, you can sometimes opt for the not-so-healthy drink.