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What Is a Bullet Vibrator? Whether you are new or experienced with sex toys, bullet vibrators are a staple part of a pleasure collection. They are affordable, easy to use, and also travel well. They are enjoyed alone and with a partner. These generally small, bullet-shaped, and sometimes lipstick shaped devices provide intense point stimulation […]

Adding a Rabbit Vibrator to Sex The rabbit sex toy is notably famous for enhancing both clitoral and vaginal orgasms simultaneously. If you’re in the market for a sex stimulator, the rabbit vibrator works well because it can cause slow stimulation, especially when set to low vibrations. What’s more, if you’re on the hunt for […]

What Is a Rabbit Vibrator? Sexual stimulation, occurring both internally and externally, is the best way for vagina owners to have an orgasm. While there are ways to enjoy both G- spot and clitoral stimulation, accessories and toys can make the process easier and more enjoyable. A rabbit vibrator is one of the most popular […]

Love Addiction: Definition It is part of the nature of human beings to seek shelter from those things or circumstances which bring them harm or discomfort. Obsession is one such situation. However, those who rest under it too long forget about its negative impacts in one’s general life. It isn’t until their situation has gone […]

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the globe and a holiday that is both beloved and dreaded. It is a holiday built around relationships. While a holiday that celebrates relationships is great, it can be isolating for those who are single. Our society expects people who are not with someone to feel depressed and alone on […]

Definition Obsession towards pornography is a no new concept to the current world. Initially, persons who had intense cravings for sex-related material would view them either in the journals or stored film. However, today the story is different. The Internet is everywhere, and the gigantic proportion of the world’s population has internet access devices including […]

With so many people of different sexual personality types around, how do you know who will make the best match in the bedroom? The secret to a fantastic sex life is written in the stars! Just like a zodiac sign can describe many traits of a person’s character, it can uncover hidden truths about their […]

Your vaginal health can seem like a tricky puzzle or a mystery on how to balance. With so many products designed to help clean and keep your vagina “fresh,” it can be daunting. But before you pick up the soap to help your vagina smell like lilies, remember that your vagina is handling itself. Although […]

Period sex can seem intimidating, although it shouldn’t be. It can help reduce pain during your period and even help shorten the length of your period. Although it’s a fact that there’s going to be blood, so make sure to talk with your partner, so you’re both on the same page. But after sex, the […]