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The why and the how of nude photography from San Francisco’s premier nude photographer. We sat down with Igor Capibaribe of Nudefy Me, to ask about his work, his clients and why we should all be photographed naked. In nearly two decades partnering with women, Igor’s work has made women feel more powerful, more in control, […]

Sex Addiction: Definition This term defines an advanced intimacy syndrome described by systematic sex-related acts and thoughts. Similar to other kinds of dependence, it causes a negative effect on an individual and their closest family, especially with the advancement of this habit. Constant craving for this obsession destroys their ability towards maintaining proper relationships at […]

What is Homosexual? So what does homosexual mean?  Homosexuality is defined as a sexual attraction between two people of the same sex.  So, a homosexual is a man who is attracted to other men, or a woman who is attracted to other women.  Men and women who are homosexual often identify as being gay, though […]

Intimate discord doesn’t lead married couples to divorce. Marriages end for other reasons, ranging from financial, to the stresses of raising kids, to other unaligned values that are never addressed or agreed upon by the couple.  Straying from the marriage, and specifically cheating, does have the potential to end the relationship; however, it’s not likely […]

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