Love Addiction: Definition

It is part of the nature of human beings to seek shelter from those things or circumstances which bring them harm or discomfort. Obsession is one such situation. However, those who rest under it too long forget about its negative impacts in one’s general life. It isn’t until their situation has gone out of hand that they show the concern needed to address it. 

Love dependence defines an intense positive feeling one possesses towards someone. This can be a relative, friend, brother, sister, spouse or any other person. In their obsession, they tend to utilise most of their time thinking and obsessing a lot about these people, more than they do towards oneself or any other individual. 

In most cases, they sacrifice precious moments which they would have instead used to work on issues regarding their personal development to focus on these people they have affection towards. 

The strangest aspect about this type of obsession is that it might not necessarily relate to anything erotic or romantic. It’s just love but a strong one towards given individuals. These could even be people they have only watched on television series or seen in a magazine or journal. 

Just like alcoholics who believe alcohol can cure stresses, love devotees also perceive ‘strange’ love affiliation to bear great benefits. They often have the thought that all solutions relating to their problems entirely rely on these people. Hence, if they find this to be otherwise, then they grow irritated and resentful. Some may even extend their sadness to relationships they have with others. 

Often, love addicts can concentrate fully in themselves when not captured by any addictive relationships. However, the moment they get involved in one, then all their attention shifts. Most would rather care for these people and forget about oneself. They will be at the service of these people all the time, whether they are needed or not.

According to many research studies, the obsession towards love comes as a result of historical facts, including abandonment. When a child grows with fear of abandonment, then that fear can grow into something much bigger, like growing into an association for both desertion and intimacy fears. The entire mix drives low self-esteem among these people which keeps on weighing them down every day. 

The recovery process, just like other addictions, is never natural.  It requires a lot, beginning with personal willingness. It refers to self-discovery. An addict needs to confess their obsession, realise all associated negative impacts and finally know the right paths they can follow towards seeking a reliable solution. 

Depending on the level of your obsession, one can opt for different recovery procedures. They can visit a rehab center where they will receive full medical and therapeutic training – mainly cognitive-behaviour therapy. 

Joining support groups also offers great assistance in the bid for recovery. The main processes involved with them include procedures such as the 12-step program, which provides a practical framework towards reclamation.

During any withdrawal moments of this condition, lots of both mild and severe symptoms do come up. A doctor and, in this case preferably, a therapist will be handy in offering you the best counsel on your historical experiences; these can include abandonment, fears, anger, emptiness, pain and many other sad experiences, such as trauma. The withdrawal periods usually are very critical as this is the time most people face relapse. 

It is often essential that one gets an early diagnosis before any worse symptoms surge in. 

Signs and Symptoms 

The individual ill-health indicators, plus phenomenon around this syndrome, mostly focus on the unhealthiness of dependency in a love affiliation. They mainly comprise of:

  • Distortion and neglection of oneself
  • Strange or exaggerated behaviours 
  • Unrealistic expectations or fantasies 

Most addicts will fall or can fall in love as fast as possible but then do not maintain it to the end. Whenever the first joyful honeymoon phases fade, they will begin losing interest and focus on once again finding such a connection.

A lot of health clinics exist which can help one recover completely from such an addiction. They mainly focus on correcting one’s behaviour through training involving therapies like the cognitive-behaviour therapy.

The behaviours relating to love obsession include:

  • They can easily get attached to someone in an expeditious manner.
  • Such passion causes one to begin loving someone during their initial interaction and they do not focus on whether these people have the right qualities they need.
  • Whenever they bond relationship-wise, they do not let them off the hook
  • Most of these people tend to think about love more often. They try to fantasise about moments they would be together chatting or doing activities together.
  • Love addicts will always have fantasies anywhere and everywhere, not caring whether it’s distracting from their “things to do” list.
  • In frequent cases, they will be present to provide all the soothing their partners would need.
  • They regard love as everything. Each time they wish to be closer to these people they “love”.
  • Often it happens that those people love addicts feel attracted to do not offer equal love back.
  • Being in a love affiliation with cruel persons who do not show you love.
  • Whenever a relationship ends, these people often feel done, used and bitter about everything. Most of them would even attempt suicide.
  • They try to avoid loneliness at all costs. They can also look for a close partner to help engulf their loneliness and emptiness.
  • Many are usually vulnerable to the entire relationship and therefore do not say no to anything – even when the other party threatens to drop the connection.
  • Would be in full-time concern of these people they love – denying oneself special moments and instead creating time for a lover.
  • Feel like they are in charge of their partner and often feel jealous whenever something to deny them comes in. Hence, they keep a close watch at them.
  • These people usually try to stalk both their previous and current partners at least once.
  • Whenever they feel attracted to someone, they will do all they can to pursue them regardless of their marital status.
  • As an addict, your pursuit towards these people you “love” can extensively occupy your thoughts and time, until you forget about your hobbies. You will always be thinking of moments with your partner.
  • In case you are in a quixotic kind of affiliation, then your family and friends will miss you as you won’t be spending time with them.

Symptomatic Denial

Similar to other addictive conditions, most addicts do not agree or confess that their situation is an issue which needs a solution. The denial is often towards people around them and oneself as well. Various ways they do this are:

  • Ensuring that their unhealthy love habits do not affect them adversely health wise.
  • Refusing to listen to any criticism about their love connection. Mostly they grow furious whenever anything negative is mentioned about it.
  • Pretending to your family and friends about your obsessive love condition.
  • Always blaming others for faults in your relationship.

Causes of Love Addiction

No study yet has revealed the main causes behind the obsession towards love. However, most of them indicate that it all relates to one’s childhood background — experts in this agree that the characteristics of a person’s upbringings have a large impact on their core values, beliefs and self-perception, as well as their capacity to build the healthy relationships that are expected of adults.

This doesn’t mean that some people had a perfect childhood. It’s just that some people have scars of deep sadness, agony, and trauma that others do not. Below are some of these childhood life experiences which influence one towards acquiring such a syndrome.  

Abandonment Issues

In ordinary situations, almost if not all people feel the pain that comes along due to the demise of an initially strong relationship. Being in a close romantic, platonic or parental relation builds a strong bond customarily attached to a person’s emotions. Healthy adults will often have an understanding that such a relationship can end and, therefore, form high self-esteem to engulf the situation.  

However, for love addicts, this is different. They will develop great fear when abandonment comes in. Studies indicate that persons who had strong childhood relationships with parents or friends and then situations such as death, betrayal, or family disagreements caused a separation, are likely the ones to suffer this sort of addiction. They will always be reflecting on the pain they had experienced when they were deserted, thus none of them would be at peace letting or seeing their loved ones go or walk away. 

These people grow into adulthood believing they are less essential persons and that they need to have other “stronger” people besides them to rely on. For that reason, therefore, they will always trust in relationships and spend a lot of their time focusing on people they think or imagine are real friends, lovers or relatives. The can also easily shift from one relationship to the next whenever they sense abandonment. 

Revisiting Childhood Stories

Studies have also revealed that those adults who did not receive love and attention from one of the parents tend to shift their attention or focus to people of similar order as those parents. For instance, if the mother was not there for them while growing up, there is a tendency of the child growing up with a love inclination towards females regardless of their gender. 

This situation has also been the primary influence on gay activities. The addicts only try to fill that gap of love they didn’t have while they were growing up.  

The therapeutic contribution towards the correction of this condition involves offering an in-depth explanation of the reasons behind the abandonment, as well as the importance of the two human sexualities. The treatment helps them discover the reason behind their attraction towards same-sex and give them a reason why they should not. 

Childhood Trauma

Trauma experienced in the childhood has a significant impact on one’s general love addiction lifestyle. In most cases, addicts tend to divert their attention to alcoholism, drugs and sometimes food. However, there exists a peculiar condition where one gets entirely obsessed with relationships of love to alleviate stressful, desperate and empty feelings. The love might not necessarily mean romance, but can be a strong affection towards a friend, relative, colleague or family member.   

Trauma results in a feeling of worthlessness, emptiness, loneliness, and sadness. Those who may have experienced sexual, emotional or physical trauma may have it even worse. Most of them suffer low self-esteem and therefore believe that only others are right and can help them confront the challenges they meet in life, such as financial problems. They can quickly shift from one relationship to the next to maintain the feeling of belonging and satisfy their ego for always wanting to have someone beside them. 

Addictive Role Models

It is true that some parents, especially single mothers, tend to teach their children improper means of survival. Feeling empty and having low self-esteem themselves, they also introduce their children to doing what they do to survive. Most of them would shift from one relationship to the next looking for what makes them comfortable. When the relationship ends, they grow sad, frustrated and desperate. After a while, they enter another which also barely lasts.

Children of such parents are likely to imitate this same trend in their adulthood. They will install the vague perception that love and relationships bear happiness and frustrations and, therefore, they will never care about true and healthy love. 

Most of them will generally believe that it is within the corridors of love that one finds happiness. It is sad that those within their relationships tend to care less or show less concern towards them. 

Relationship Addiction

This describes a severe, addictive, and compulsive anomaly which influences negative impacts on an addict as well as those they are obsessed with.

Its Major Causes

No particular cause relates to this condition. However, suspicions are raised on past childhood experiences such as trauma.

Trauma causes distress, feelings of worthlessness, emptiness, and low self-esteem, among many other significant effects.  Out of all these, addicts tend to develop unhealthy relationships towards people for either romance or protection purposes to help fill the void.

Most persons obsessed with relationships find excitement in shifting from one relation to the next, looking for what makes them comfortable.

Men, who are the majority affected by this syndrome, show lots of weakness regarding standing on their own. They will always want to have people near them to be their comforters and assist them in facing life challenges. 


People suffering from this disorder tend to experience the following signs and symptoms:

  • Addicts tend to take too much responsibility of their love partners 
  • Delegating lots of their time in focusing on their partners in a relationship
  • These people often get hurt whenever they notice less concern about them from the people they are attracted to
  • Their minding of relationship goes beyond normal
  • Most of them would prefer to have their relationships seen by all
  • Many of them lack self-confidence
  • They always prefer being under control
  • They require personal trust
  • Are afraid to suffer loneliness
  • They can’t easily or correctly perceive other people’s’ feelings
  • They aren’t able to pay respect for intimacy and boundaries
  • Poor decision making


The management procedure for this illness does not rely on a single remedy. Depending on the extent of its encroachment, the ailment calls for different curative methods. Among them is therapy.

In this case, cognitive behaviour therapy is the most commonly used method. It involves listening to the historical background and life experiences of a person, then finding the best solution to accepting and coping with these past issues.

All these, however, must begin within the addict. If they confess their condition and have the desire to change, then they can move forward to rehab centers or visit other health experts for assistance. 

Recovery from Love Addiction

No matter how frequent and extensive this condition occurs, effective remedies have also been in existence to help people recover from it. 

The best places one can seek reliable help is both rehab and medical centers in case of other co-occurring illnesses. 

How long one takes to recover fully depends entirely on how they are responding to the treatment procedures.   


Problems of addiction of whatever kind creates substantial negative impacts on lots of people’s lives. Love addiction, rare as it may sound, comes with so much of this negativity, including the destruction of marriages and friendships. To other people it ruins their jobs, owing to the fact that most of their commitment and priorities are always directed towards their “loved” ones. 

While still having no particular cause, the disorder continues to dock people’s lives in horrible situations of depression and anxiety. Childhood experiences have been on the suspect list as the top possible causatives of such conditions. These include cases of trauma, abandonment and even influence from people they once loved.

It is of great concern when addicts of this kind can’t mind their own business, instead giving all they have including time, romance, or wealth to persons who in return show less interest back. At the same time, most of them would keep shifting from one love affiliation to the next looking for an opportunity for self-fulfillment and a sense of being cared for. 

Therapeutic procedures work best towards the correction of these illnesses. Experts will offer you step-by-step guidelines until you fully recover. 

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the globe and a holiday that is both beloved and dreaded. It is a holiday built around relationships. While a holiday that celebrates relationships is great, it can be isolating for those who are single. Our society expects people who are not with someone to feel depressed and alone on this Hallmark occasion.

Relationships can be wonderful; a good, healthy relationship, romantic or otherwise, can be very fulfilling. Relationships also require a lot of time and effort to keep them that way. Some relationships are harder to maintain, and thus labeled ‘high maintenance’ and some people may not have the time necessary to provide the care and attention to be considered an attentive friend or lover.

Focusing too much time and thought into being in or getting into a relationship can be a sign of unhealthy behavior, namely relationship addiction.

Relationship addiction is a severe, addictive, and compulsive anomaly which influences negative impacts on an addict as well as those they are obsessed with. In most cases, people with relationship addiction can’t operate effectively outside of a relationship. They will often bounce from one relationship to the next, addicted to the feelings of new love. This differs from love addiction as it solely focuses on perceptions of romantic love.

No particular cause relates to this condition. However, experts believe that past childhood experiences, such as trauma, are closely related. Trauma causes distress, feelings of worthlessness, emptiness, and low self-esteem, among many other significant effects. Out of all these, addicts tend to develop unhealthy relationships with people for either romance or protection purposes to help fill the void. Most people obsessed with relationships find excitement in shifting from one relationship to the next, looking for what makes them comfortable.

    Indicators of Relationship Addiction
    People suffering from this disorder tend to experience the following signs and symptoms:

  1. Addicts tend to take too much responsibility for their love partners.
  2. They delegate lots of their time to focus on their partners in a relationship.
  3. These people often get hurt whenever they notice less concern about them from the people they are attracted to.
  4. Their consideration of relationships goes beyond ordinary.
  5. Most of them would prefer to have their relationships public.
  6. Many of them lack self-confidence.
  7. They always prefer being under control.
  8. They require a high degree of trust.
  9. Relationship addicts are afraid to be lonely.
  10. They can’t easily or correctly perceive other people’s feelings.
  11. They aren’t able to find a balance between intimacy and boundaries.
  12. They usually have poor decision-making skills.

Rewiring this behavior and acknowledging these as major areas of improvement must begin within the afflicted. The addict must recognize this problem and want to change.

Becoming single again after a long relationship, whether it be marriage or other committed partnership can be scary and create vulnerable times. If you find yourself in an unproductive and mutually unsatisfied relationship, parting ways or breaking it off may be the only option. Ending an especially long relationship, or any kind that includes family is never an easy decision and can be life-changing for you.

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Obsession towards pornography is a no new concept to the current world. Initially, persons who had intense cravings for sex-related material would view them either in the journals or stored film. However, today the story is different.

The Internet is everywhere, and the gigantic proportion of the world’s population has internet access devices including kids. According to the International Telecommunication Union of the US, about half of the world’s population accesses the internet on a daily basis as per the year 2015, what about now? It has increased, right?

Porn dependence in simplest terms refers to a strong compulsion which directs someone into serious cravings towards viewing sex-related videos, pictures or other materials of such anywhere and at any time without reconsidering the impacts/ consequences. 

Several types of research on this indicate that men are most likely affected with this condition in comparison to ladies. The access percentage for men reads between 50% and 99% while that of women between 30% and 86%. Most of this addicts will always use the leas moments they have to watch or view a clip or two. Without that, their mood lowers and may feel depressed for the entire period.

The most recommendable solution to this obsession type requires mainly for therapies – cognitive behavioural therapy in particular. It helps in training the addict better ways to deal with their condition and effective ways they need to follow to avoid relapse.

The reality of Porn Obsession

The battle of the mind has and yet exist over consent on whether or not porn obsession should be classified as a real addiction about clinical terms. Different health, as well as psychiatric experts, have come up with their supportive explanations on this considering most of the sign and subjective ill health indicators of it resembles both alcohol and drug dependence.   

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), porn obsession should be categorised in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), the fifth edition claiming that it ought to be a subcategory of the hypersexual syndrome. However, the scientific board concluded that there were not enough supporting evidence on such diagnosis.

In consideration of sex-related addictions as well as hypersexual complaints, some psychiatrists believe that porn obsession should exist as part of the compulsive illness in line with those of alcohol and drug dependence — their argument base on the dependence mechanism which encompasses giving pleasurable rewards to the brain.

According to a research study report on this topic published on the Behavioral Science journal in 2015, an electroencephalogram (EEG) can sense changes in the features of brain’s activity each time adult content get viewed. The process involves a reactive event commonly known as P300 which occurs within 300 milliseconds of watching time. 

In sustenance of their study further, the scientists explained that such similar response is what crops whenever a drug addict get exposed to images of their addictive substances. 

As the APA stays undecided about this, it, however, admits that the obsession towards sex-related materials bears both psychological and physiological orientation. Also, they accept that the viewing behaviour at least meets two or four of the clinical conditions relating to addiction.

These comprise of;

  • Impaired control: Persons addicted in this manner tend to lose control of themselves and instead draws a lot of its attention and focus on sexual matters. They would so much crave watch sexual contents all the time. 
  • Social problems: These people lack proper socialisation skills and zeal to work therefore will miss finishing work at school, workplaces or home chores — most of the type they give up.

Points disqualifying this condition from meeting its proper definition explains that it lacks risk-taking and tolerance aspects. Meaning, one may not need to watch a 500 GB video to get satisfied but just a little. Again, it misses the withdrawal symptoms which are very typical with other mental illnesses. 

Despite this, still some people believe it is an obsession, but their argument is usually inconsistent and sometimes vague.

Porn addiction statistics

Attaining accurate statics concerning pornography can be very difficult considering that they change more drastically day by day. Though, the imagination of how many people access pornography every single day is amazingly significant. 

The best method that reveals this is the live adult content sites existing. Their number is estimated at over 24.5 million. This back in 2017, by now it should be much higher. Another indicator of a considerable amount of viewers is the huge amount of money adult content sites are generating online. According to a report released by Wosnitzer and Bridges in the year 2007, there were about 13,000 videos online generating over $13 billion while Hollywood which produced 507 movies only made $8.8 billion.

 Report by IFR indicates that there are about 68 million searches on pornography each an every day which comprises 25% of the total search. 

A higher risk exists if children get exposed to pornographic material there is usually high likelihood that they can carry on with that to adulthood which therefore becomes an addiction. Research on child sexual videos indicates that daily searches amount to about 116,000. For parents, knowing addiction statistics on this may never be of free assistance but rather knowing ways of preventing your child from accessing them.

Other statics includes the following;

  • Addicts spend at least 11 hours of their daily time to view sexual materials
  • For every second that passes, over 300,000 people watch sex videos or documents
  • Close to 40 million of the US population involve themselves in pornographic related issues
  • About 8% of emails sent on a daily fundamental concern sexual contents. This translates to 2.5 billion emails.
  • Despite efforts by various people to avoid pornographic contents, still, 20% of adults and 80% of children get exposed without their free will.
  • Pop up ads and misdirecting links and emails have exposed over 34% of addicts to pornography without their direct intention
  • About 20% of men and 13% of ladies admit having access to porn contents while at their workplaces.

Signs and Symptoms Of Porn Addiction

Lots of subjective illness indicators exist for this condition. Below are the most common ones. 

You live a double life: Unlike other addictions such as of alcohol or drug, where the abuser can easily be noticed just from their appearance, porn dependents are a little harder to discern. Most of them will lead a normal life but only hides to watch or view sex-related videos and pictures.

Interaction with online friends in chat rooms can increase the chances of one getting addicted. Most relationships might collapse when one of the partners lives such life. If no solution is effected as soon as possible, this condition might worsen.

You Suffer From Sexual Dysfunction

Recently, cases of young men suffering from erection dysfunction as well as delayed ejaculation have been on the rise.

Under the ordinary situation, the two sexual malfunctioning result from physical illness, utilisation of antidepressants – usually SSRI-based, physical impairment, emotional stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues, among many others.

However, it’s been approved that those addicted to porn content tend to acquire the sexual problems as their orgasm is only triggered by not a sexual partner but the sex clips, images and other related materials. 

Many times, such persons would prefer watching porn movie than having sex with a partner. However, in case they do, they will be playing sex images in their minds while having actual sex.

Osteopathic Society in America issued a report that most teenagers were at a higher risk of suffering this condition – this was because most of them can access the internet anytime anywhere. Also being young with fresh brains, pornography can easily trigger the brain’s pleasure centres to create addiction.

Being fully preoccupied with pornography

Just like in the case of alcohol and drug dependency, being obsessed with pornography can eat into your productive moments. Most of the addicts cannot spend a moment without thinking of the material the viewed of sexual content and on that very same not crave for it again. 

According to internet research, about 70% of persons accessing pornographic contents do that on work days. Meaning even at workplaces, addicts will always find time for their addiction.

Such a high level of dependency can easily lead to masturbation.

You can develop guilt and self-hate from using pornography

One fact about porn obsession is that the addicts always see guiltiness in what they do especially in their refractory times. The often feel hate for themselves which they do not tell anyone for fear of judgment and hatred.

Most of them, perceive it to be a total embarrassment disclosing such problems to somebody who can and should help them. Out of this secrecy, most of them tend to develop psychologically as well as emotional distress which eventually grows into a feeling of exclusion/ isolation. In some extreme cases, they may even develop depression.

Graduating to illegal porn

Research by the American Osteopathic Association has it that whenever one is used to watching common types of pornography, the grey matter in the central nervous system tends to decrease. Meaning, yes, the brain will be wanting more of the images and videos but will not be feeling same high-level pleasure all through. There will be less neuro-connectivity and few neurons.

The next thing, therefore, addicts of this nature will think of is a wrong porn type whereby this can be violent associated or involving children. However, this will be law offensive, and they may be charged with a sexual felony. Otherwise, they may be denied work and housing permits also a partner may leave you, a situation which may lead to severe depression.

Hate for your partner

So many divorce cases have been reported and are still coming in root because being disagreements and dissatisfactions on bed matters. Most porn addicts tend to believe that what they watch behind the screens concerning sex contents are real. They forget about choreography, fantasy and fiction used in the production process of those movies and would like their partners to offer the exact thing they watch.

Well, the reality is that it is impossible. This fact was confirmed by the Psychology Today saying that men expect the impossible of their partners. Whatever happens in porn movies are never real and that women do not masturbate to acquire attraction feeling.

Lack of better sense of sexuality and intimacy

Longtime consistency in watching sex films might corrupt your mind of the real idea behind intimacy and sexuality. Beginning to imagine your partner will or should act in a very similar manner or probably better than a porn star is entirely insane. 

There is nothing ever wrong with your partner, as most people often think. The very wrong and absurd thing is actually with you.

It is sad some addicts think in this direction, and therefore they spend most of their lives lonely.

Develop anti-social nature

The addictive nature of porn films or contents renders one anti-social. Most of the time addicts will be accessing the internet in search of new clips, photos relating to sex. This therefore means, they will have less time to spend with friends, relatives or other groups of people close to them.

It is essential to seek help on this before you begin dating however it will ruin the entire relationship. Remember your partner will always be needing your whole focus and not partial a condition which you might not achieve when still obsessed.

Making a lot of spending on pornography

The same way an alcoholic will spend all money to the very last coin they have on alcohol is the same way a porn addict will do. They will never be satisfied with just watching a film or two or just viewing a picture, no, they will always want more.

CNBC reveals that in the United States for every second which passes, a total of $3,075 get spent on adult contents while 28,000 views then via the internet.

This means one can get entirely broke out of all these so as not to be able to provide for their family needs or some of their requirements.

Negative impacts at your workplace and home

What could ever be more exciting and heart fulfilling to a porn addict other than adult contents? Nothing at all. These people will use every opportunity they have either at the workplace or home to watch a few clips or view pictures.

In some cases, some would even fail to attend their daily jobs to stay back at home and watch the videos.

Others also will also skip a crucial family meeting to have their own, uninterrupted moments of viewing adult contents and materials. 

Eye complications might as well result from such scenarios given that a lot of time is spent on screens.  

Dealing with a porn addict husband 

Porn addiction in marriage can be a destroyer if not addressed the quickest way possible. Lots of relationships have fallen out it and remained as such especially when the infected spouse is not ready to change. 

So do you do if you find your husband is an addict? Here are the best steps to follow for useful results.

Avoid Denial: acceptance of reality is very crucial when it comes to solving such a problem. The most family member will perceive most of what their closest family does to be always normal even if they aren’t. 

Get to the roots Addiction

It should occur to you that marriage is a union associating the two of you and therefore if one is affected the two of you are. 

Therefore, on that note, the woman should try and find out the root cause of this problem since addiction occurs as an illness.

She should read about it on books internets and even seek advice from friends/ health specialists to gain full comprehension of it. 

Forming a Codependent kind of Relationship

This means you will find ways of adapting in the new state of your husband. If you are hurt so much with their influenced behaviours, then the likelihood is that you will suffer disorders such as depression as well. 

Avoid Enabling

Often in Addiction campuses, enabling method or tactic is taught as a way of controlling one’s behaviours which may lead to severe consequences. However, the leeway with it is that the addict has still left access to whatever the addictive substance they are using. 

This means, therefore, there is no help offed by the enabling method instead it worsens situations.

Join support groups

It is said numbers have the strength and when it concerns addiction, this works quite well. If you never knew, there are lots of husbands and wives outside there suffering from the same situation you may be in. 

Joining their team chaired by health experts and counsellors can be of significant advantage to you. At least you will have a trusted group of people you can share with experiences in exchange for advice.

Examples of these groups include Naranon or Alanon. They help alleviate the burden one feels of their loved ones.

Create a clear boundary

In case your partner refuses to heed to the healing advice and medications, you can draw a line to set some limits. These could be regarding ending the relationship, finances or communication.

If the spouse is serious enough and means change, they will seek help and make necessary adjustments before they reach such lines.

Recovery from Porn Addiction

The treatment procedure on adult content addiction mainly focuses on correction of behaviour. The first step in this is accepting ones’ situation and then looking for a practical solution from reliable personnel.

Therapists would be the most relevant persons. They will listen to you out and mainly designed for you a particular Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you curb the condition.

Alongside that, you will have to attend sessions of counselling to help you fresh up and shun away from compulsions towards pornography.


Despite the world having lots of anti-porn addiction groups, a large group of people still suffers the addiction as more joins them day by day. Going by the statistics, there exist a high number of porn film viewers in comparison to those movies. Sadly, about 116,000 people each day search on children pornography meaning even children are also in the mix.

This sought of addiction is often very critical to lots of relationships especially marriage. Many marriages and love relationships have sunk out of this. Men, who are the most affected persons, always want their women to behave similarly as the porn stars which in most cases can never happen. They do not understand the fiction involved in the shooting of those videos. Out of this, therefore, they tend to believe that their partners could be having some problems which are never the case. 

Obsession with adult contents can ruin one’s work and even family. The best solution is looking for cure from a health specialist, preferably a psychotherapist.

With so many people of different sexual personality types around, how do you know who will make the best match in the bedroom? The secret to a fantastic sex life is written in the stars! Just like a zodiac sign can describe many traits of a person’s character, it can uncover hidden truths about their sexual nature. What kind of lover is your date for tonight? How compatible are you sexually? What are your partner’s secret sexual desires, fantasies, and biggest turn-ons in bed?
Let’s dive a little deeper into sexual astrology and reveal what it has to say about each star sign’s sex life:

January 20 – February 18

The specific traits that make Aquarius a great sexual partner are open-mindedness, curiosity, and sensitivity to their partner’s needs. For Aquarians, sex is exploration. Through experimentation, they discover sexual sweet spots and explore reactions to find out what brings satisfaction to both. Despite this rather “serious” approach to sex, making out with Aquarius can be a source of ongoing fun and excitement, as well as a chance to try out a variety of sex things. Not surprisingly then, the best way to turn on the most sexually broadminded sign among all signs is to stimulate their curiosity!
The best sex matches are Gemini, Leo, and Libra.

February 19 – March 20

As the most sensitive, selfless, and considerate sign of the zodiac, Pisces see sex as an opportunity to please and satisfy their partner, never asking for anything in return. Being with a partner who is equally sensitive and giving would be absolute heaven for Pisces. Although led by the desires of a partner, this passive sign won’t mind experimenting and trying things out–whatever it is that makes their lover happy. To Pisces, sex is two becoming one, and not just physically, but spiritually, that’s why long, meaningful foreplay may outweigh the intercourse. Anyways, even when the hot part is over, Pisces will remain just as caring and thoughtful as before.
Best sex matches are Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio.

March 21 – April 19

Aries folks exude primal sexual energy. They are more often the seducer than they are the seduced. They’re passionate and fiery in bed and love to be on top! Aries tend to be a challenge in bed and are looking for a partner with a flirtatious nature and non-stop motion to match their own fast pace. When in bed with Aries, don’t count on an extended foreplay or post-sex cuddles. However, stay assured that the “sex race” will not be over until everyone is satisfied. The best way to turn on Aries is to make them feel as if they’re in charge (even if they’re not!)
Best sex matches are Leo, Libra, Gemini, or Scorpio.

April 20 – May 20

Sex may be one of the most important aspects of a relationship to Taurus, as it is a very sensual sign. They prefer to experience intimacy with all five senses, so don’t mind trying out everything from feathers to food. Taurus takes sex seriously and prefers a steady partner that has hidden depths. Taurus is slow to get turned on and is difficult to seduce. But when things get steamy, Taurus shows perseverance that doesn’t falter until a proper end for the act is done, and both are deeply satisfied.
Best sex matches are Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn.

May 21 – June 20

Geminis believe sex should be fun, and for them, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean love. It’s a sign of change, which says their sex drives are very peculiar and vary from moment to moment. Sex with a Gemini is never dull; they are free from self-doubt and are eager to try new positions. Moreover, Gemini needs a partner who will stimulate their minds and will be willing to have a minor chat session between the sheets as well.
Best sex matches are Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

June 21 – July 22

To Cancer, sex is not just a thing for personal pleasure. They’re incredibly romantic individuals who seek real connection with a partner. Sex should be an expression of love and trust. Cancerians have a powerful sense of vast and profound lust. They often lead the process. They’re always down for some oral play. The hottest erogenous zones for Cancer are breast and chest areas, so using your mouth, there is a sure-fire way to satisfy them. Receiving oral sex from a Cancer will be no less of enjoyment.
Best sex matches are Scorpio, Capricorn Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces.

July 23 – August 22

Leo is one of the most passionate fire signs. They don’t just make love; they celebrate life! Luckily for their lovers, being the best in everything is what drives Leos, and love-making is no exclusion. So if you want to get the Big Cats to purr, let them be in charge and opt for postures where they can dominate. Full of commitment and determination, Leo will always make sure to satisfy their significant other back. However, for Leos foreplay is as important as any other part of it, and can be a great turn-on that will quickly bring the beast out of them and set your bedroom on fire!
Best sex matches are Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

August 23 – September 22

A simple and sweet, inexperienced partner is often the one likely to end up in bed with the irresistible Virgo. Fantasizing about being there to please (or even slave) their lover is a huge turn-on for Virgos. As a sensual sign, they can also be easily turned on by a slow dance, a relaxing warm bath with scented candles, and gentle sensual foreplay (especially around the belly area). Virgos are not nearly as “virginal” as they may appear. Hence, a partner is more than welcome to satisfy their curiosity about sex.
Best sex matches are Taurus, Capricorn, and Pisces.

September 23 – October 22

When it comes to love and sex, the Libra essence of two finding balance and becoming one is the biggest turn-on and the source of satisfaction for Libras. Getting as close as possible, body to body, and joining in this position for as long as they can is a sacred act to them that has to be clean and properly prepared. That said, however, there’s no need for Libra to get to know the lover long beforehand. What they look for in bed is experiencing the same level of satisfaction simultaneously–they like it fair. And a little rough. If you want to spice things up, a bit of dirty talk, spanking, hair-pulling, and role-playing won’t hurt, don’t go overboard! Oral play is also one of Libra’s favorites and could be a perfect way to wake up a sleeping partner, according to them.
Best sex matches are Aries, Gemini and Aquarius

October 23 – November 21

Passion, lust, magnetism are the words that first come to mind when you think of Scorpio, one of the most sexual and kinky star signs out there. Somewhat reserved in everyday life, Scorpios see sex as an act of mutual surrender where emotions can finally be released. Given Scorpio’s love for experiments and domination in bed, their partner should be ready for anything from erotic role play to Kama Sutra and bondage. Extraordinary sexual stamina on top of fertile imagination gives Scorpios a reputation of the best lovers ever. Need a sure-fire way to make your Scorpio moan with pleasure? Go right for the genitals, and don’t be a prude!
Best sex matches are Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces.

November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius is one of the most adventurous, playful, relaxed, and confident star signs sex-wise, and that’s the kind of sex they’ll have an interest. For them, there’s always room for laughter, play, and experiments in bed. Sagittarius’s innate straightforwardness takes the guesswork out of your bedroom games–they’ll be quite open about their sexual desires. General directions for how to make Sagittarius feel sexy would be to add a bit of flattery and dirty talk in your foreplay, go for their butt and hips, try new positions, and have fun!
Best sex matches are Aries, Gemini, and Leo.

December 22 – January 19

Capricorn may not be the most romantic or experimental sign. Still, the level of commitment they demonstrate makes up for that big time. To make the most of sex, Capricorn prefers to stick to a plan that won’t change unless there is a clear-cut demand for it. Always physically active, initiative, and enthusiastic in bed (though, most of the time, not specifically in bed), they could easily handle more than one partner, as more challenge is an even bigger turn-on for Capricorn. Combined with the ability to learn fast and willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy a partner, all these traits make Capricorn one of the hottest lovers of the zodiac.
Best sex matches are Taurus, Cancer, and Virgo.

Your vaginal health can seem like a tricky puzzle or a mystery on how to balance. With so many products designed to help clean and keep your vagina “fresh,” it can be daunting. But before you pick up the soap to help your vagina smell like lilies, remember that your vagina is handling itself. Although there are some things you can do to prevent infections and bacteria, douching is not one of them.

A vital routine to include in your sex life is to urinate after sex. Peeing after sex can help prevent an unwanted urinary tract infection (UTI). When having intercourse, bacteria are likely to get in the mix, which can cause a UTI. While some people tend to get UTIs more often, everyone should play it safe and eliminate any bacteria that may have entered, by going to the restroom after sex. It also can’t hurt to urinate before sex, this flushes any bacteria out and can help you be more comfortable during sex.

Another factor to keep in mind is the pH health of your vagina. Your vagina has a particular pH level; it should stick around, which is 3.8 to 4.5. Anything over 4.5 can house bacteria and cause infections. There are a few things you can do to maintain that pH level:
· Take probiotics and include yogurt into your diet
· Do not douche, only use mild soap and water down there
· If sex includes penis in vagina, use a condom to avoid semen changing your pH

A practice that 40% of women participate in is douching. While douching may seem like a good idea to clean your vagina, it doesn’t need it. Your vagina is like a self-washing oven; it’s got it covered. Douching can lead to infections, diseases, and disrupts your Ph balance by destroying bacteria in your vagina.
Using a mild, non-scented soap and warm water is enough to keep your vagina clean.

Another essential practice to maintain a healthy vagina is to clean your sex toys. Sex toys should be cleaned right after use to avoid any bacteria lingering. Some quick tips on cleaning your sex toys and other accessories include:
Wash after use and dry completely before storing it
Use mild or natural soap when cleaning
If there are any tears or punctures in your toy, then it’s time to dispose of it, for your health
For extra safety, use a condom on your toy, especially if you use the toy with a partner

While it may be tempting to pick up the douche in the isle or the soap promised to make your vagina smell amazing, it’s not needed. These are proven to cause more harm than good. Your vagina is not as tricky to take care of as you may think, with some simple steps to add into your daily routine, you’ll be good to go. Take care of your vagina from the inside out by taking probiotics and making sure you’re practicing safe sex by using a condom and peeing after sex.

Period sex can seem intimidating, although it shouldn’t be. It can help reduce pain during your period and even help shorten the length of your period. Although it’s a fact that there’s going to be blood, so make sure to talk with your partner, so you’re both on the same page. But after sex, the amount of relief you’ll feel is worth it. While it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, there are still a handful of benefits to having sex on your period.
The most talked-about benefit of period sex is the added health benefits. Being on your period sucks, and between cramps and headaches, it can be painful. But sex can help reduce the pain felt caused by your period.
Having sex releases endorphins, which act as a painkiller, and those endorphins help relieve headaches. And for your cramps, not only do the endorphins help but orgasming does too. An orgasm can help diminish cramps as your muscles relax afterward, causing the pain to cease.

Other health benefits include:
· Increases your immune system
· Improves bladder control
· Lowers risk of heart attack
· Improves your sleep
Another benefit includes having a shortened period due to having an orgasm. During an orgasm, your muscles contract, which causes your uterus lining to shed even quicker than usual. Contractions from orgasms can cause your uterus to finish bleeding sooner than when it’s supposed to, therefore, creating a shortened period.
One myth is that you can’t get pregnant while on your period. The risk of pregnancy is still prevalent even when menstruating. But the chance of getting pregnant decreases considerably. So, while it’s not impossible to get pregnant, the risk does go down. Although it is still best to play it safe and use a form of birth control when having sex.

So yes: you can have sex on your period. The pros of having sex on your period outweigh any con for many people. There is a slew of benefits that come with having sex on your period, which include:
· Shortened periods
· Less chance of getting pregnant
· Relief from pain
· Higher libido = more pleasure
Try period sex at least once to see if the benefits help you may create a new routine to add to that time of the month.

What Is Masturbation?

Before we start talking about it, we should make sure that we understand what masturbation is. The textbook definition tells us that masturbation is the stimulation of the genitals for sexual pleasure by various means, excluding sexual intercourse. When someone masturbates, they pleasure themselves to achieve orgasm. 

Masturbation Side Effects

People have heard all kinds of things about masturbation, but it can be challenging to separate fact from fiction. While some people believe that masturbating is a healthy practice, others insist there are adverse side effects of masturbation. Some believe that excessive masturbation can have significant side effects that can affect one’s relationship, health, and lifestyle. Below, we will delve into some of these side effects and attempt to distinguish between myth and fact. These include: 

  • Masturbating often leads to erectile dysfunction
  • Committed couples do not masturbate
  • Masturbation has no health benefits
  • Masturbating can lead to prostate cancer
  • Masturbation is harmful during pregnancy

Penis Owners Who Masturbate Regularly Will Have Erectile Dysfunction

Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? The short answer is no. There is no scientific evidence that proves masturbating causes erectile dysfunction. Some believe masturbation has the opposite effect on erectile dysfunction. Some studies have suggested that abstaining from sex and masturbation may lower your sex drive and lead to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction has many risk factors, one of the most common being anxiety. Still, research shows us masturbating is not one of those factors.

People in Relationships Do Not Masturbate

While women regularly masturbate, it is something that society traditionally associated more with men. So, a common question people ask is why men in relationships masturbate? This question has a more complex answer than “It feels good.” People who ask this question generally tend to believe that because the man has a committed partner, they should not need to masturbate anymore. Their partner should fulfill their sexual needs. However, solo sex is an important, healthy experience. It gives us time to ourselves. Masturbating also comes with less pressure because you do not have to worry about pleasing your partner or your partner pleasing you. It is just about you.

It is perfectly natural for men and women to masturbate, even if they are in a committed relationship. In fact, including masturbation in your relationship is a great way to maintain a healthy relationship. Studies have shown that solo sex can increase your sex drive and the likelihood that you will orgasm during sex.

There Are No Health Benefits to Masturbation

One of the big myths of masturbation is that there are no health benefits. This is indeed a myth, as masturbating has several health benefits for all of us, including:

  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Helps you fall asleep
  • Can help boost your mood
  •  Helps to relieve pain and cramps
  • Improves libido

Not only does masturbating offer these benefits, but it is also a safer option than sex. Masturbation comes with no risk of pregnancy or STDs. It also has specific benefits for older women going through menopause, as it increases the production of vaginal lubrication and reduces vaginal dryness.

Masturbation Causes Prostate Cancer

It is harder to tell if this potential side effect is fact or fiction, as different studies have had conflicting results. Right now, there is no conclusive evidence that masturbating leads to or prevents prostate cancer. A 2008 study has shown that it increases the potential for developing prostate cancer. However, a 2003 and 2016 study showed the opposite. It suggested that men who masturbate often have reduced chances of getting prostate cancer. 

Masturbation During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can have various effects on a woman’s libido. Some experience lowered sex drives and lost interest in sex, while others have an increased sex drive. One common question pregnant women ask is whether masturbation is bad for pregnancy. While it is important to talk to your doctor about such matters, generally speaking, masturbation during pregnancy is completely safe, including using sex toys. However, it is imperative to make sure they are clean. Masturbating has a lot of health benefits that pregnant people might find extremely helpful, including reducing stress, inducing sleep, and relieving discomfort/pain. Masturbation is also generally safe during late pregnancy as well, though you may experience cramps similar to Braxton-Hicks contractions after orgasm. This is entirely normal and is not a cause for concern.


Sex and masturbation have been a taboo topic for hundreds of years. However, these topics are slowly but surely becoming less taboo, and there have been more and more studies done on them. Because masturbating was seen as immoral and forbidden, a lot of myths have sprung up around the topic. We must determine what is myth and what is fact. Masturbation is a healthy, natural part of life. There is no scientific evidence that suggests it causes erectile dysfunction. Some studies have shown that masturbating may prevent it. Masturbating is also a normal part of any relationship, with studies showing that couples who masturbate have higher sex drives and more pleasurable sex.

Masturbating has plenty of health benefits; some of the most common are relief from stress, pain, and tension. Speaking of health and masturbation, no evidence masturbating frequently will lead to prostate cancer. There is also no evidence that masturbation decreases the risk of prostate cancer. What there is evidence for is the benefits of masturbation during pregnancy. Unless you have a high-risk pregnancy, masturbating is a safe way to release tension and can help reduce stress and alleviate pain in pregnant women. It can also help them fall asleep, something many women struggle with during pregnancy.

Overall masturbating is a natural process and something that should not be discouraged. It is important to remember that if you have questions or concerns, you can always seek medical advice from your doctor. That being said, there is no evidence that masturbation is harmful to our relationships, lifestyles, or work lives. 

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex, like many things in life, can get stale if you repeat the same acts over and over. Having routine sex, again and again, is a great way to turn something that is supposed to be a fun, exciting experience into something dull and overly familiar. With all the benefits to sex, it is essential to have a healthy sex life. So, how can you spice up your sex life? What can you do to improve sex? There are a few factors that can make sex better. They include:

  • Directing your attention to what’s important during sex
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Decreasing the amount of alcohol you consume
  • Use sex products to bring new experiences into the bedroom

All of these are great ways to improve sex and make sure you have a healthy sex life. So, let’s dive deeper into these factors.

Stop Focusing on Sex (Too Much)

It might sound contradictory at first. How am I supposed to work on improving my sex life while not focusing on sex? There are a few key points to keep in mind. One, there is nothing wrong with thinking about sex. However, focusing on anything to the end of obsession can be a bad thing. Also, it’s important to not just think about sex as something physical. It can be a very romantic, intimate experience, and it can be essential to focus on the emotions of you and your partner rather than the act itself. A constant focus on sex can be unhealthy, and it can cause you to develop unhealthy attitudes towards sex and masturbation. 


How can you stop thinking about sex? There are plenty of strategies that people use to stop focusing on sex.

  • Learn to recognize and avoid triggers. 
  • Find creative outlets to devote your time and energy to. 
  • Keep busy. 
  • Try to think of something unsexy. 

Remember, there is nothing wrong with thinking about sex. However, focusing on sex too much can take away from the pleasure of it and may leave your partner disgruntled.

Maintain a Diet for a Healthy Sex Life

This one is a little more self-explanatory. Eating a balanced diet boosts your immune system, prevents certain diseases and medical conditions, and gives you more energy. Eating a poor diet has many negative consequences, and one of those is that it impacts your sex drive. If you have less energy, you likely won’t be as interested in sex. Also, a poor diet can lead to health conditions that make having sex harder. For example, one major cause of erectile dysfunction is obesity and diabetes. Studies have also shown that improving your heart health improves blood flow through the body, which is an important factor in sex.

So, what is a proper diet for a better sex life? What should you be eating? A healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, nuts, etc. is the best option. Also, eat less fatty foods or foods with high sugar content. Eating more of these high-calorie foods will lead to weight gain, which could, in turn, lead to health problems.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Many people relate alcohol with sex, as it can lower your inhibitions. A big cliche in media is a person getting drunk and having an increased sex drive. However, just because alcohol might increase your likelihood of engaging in sex, does not mean it helps you have a healthy sex life. Alcohol consumption can lead to developing certain medical conditions. Studies show that alcohol is linked to erectile dysfunction. 

Alcohol does not only negatively impact you physically, but it also affects your behavior. When you are drunk, you are more likely to engage in risky activities, including unprotected sex. This leads to an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Your behavior while drunk can also put a strain on the people around you, affecting your relationships with them. If you want a healthy sex life, you should do whatever you can to reduce your alcohol consumption.

Use Lubricant 

Many people mistakenly believe that lube is not for your every-day sex. It is either associated with menopausal women or activities where lube is needed to prevent injury, such as anal sex. This is not the case. Using lube during sex can be an excellent way to spice up your sex life. Not only can it generally make sex more enjoyable, but it can also make sex last longer. Plus, there are many different types of lubricants out there that can add something new to the experience. For example, there are flavored lubes or lubes that create different sensations. 

What is the best lube for sex? Well, there are a few main types of lube, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. The three most common types are oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based. 

No matter which lube you chose to go with, using lubricant is a great way to make sure everyone is having fun.


Use Sexual Health Products

Sexual health is important, and many products can help improve it. These include male sexual health products and female sexual health products. There are supplements that men and women can take to increase testosterone and estrogen. Sex toys can also help improve sexual wellness and can be an excellent way to spice up sex in the bedroom. There are also products out there that keep you healthy by making sure genitals and sex toys are kept clean. Other products help to protect you from and prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

It is important to research what sexual health products are right for you. Everyone is different, and what might help one person may not be useful for another.


Having a healthy sex life is important, but it can also be challenging. Spicing things up in the bedroom is not always easy, and no one method is going to work for everyone. The methods mentioned above are all practical ways that can help. However, one of the best ways to keep a healthy sex life is communication. You have to talk with your partner and take each other’s feelings, anxieties, and concerns into account. If you think eating better will help, talk with your partner. Maybe you can diet together. Do you consider adding lube or sex toys will make things more fun? Figure out what you and your partner are interested in trying out. Spicing up your sex life is an important part of keeping up your sexual wellness, but it is one that is much more fun if you are not doing it alone.

What Are the Types of Vaginal Orgasm?

It is well-known that many people struggle to achieve orgasm when they are having sex, and some have problems when they are masturbating too. Studies show that a third of women encounter such difficulties while having sex with another person. One reason for this could be that many people do not know very much about female orgasms. Studies are still being done to understand what causes females to orgasm, and even so, there is a lot we do not know. Some discoveries have been made but are not yet common knowledge. For example, did you know there are multiple types of orgasms?
How many different types of orgasms can vaginas have? Experts have different answers for this based on the categories they use, but generally speaking, there are five types of vaginal orgasms. The different types of orgasm are:

  • Clitoral:  This orgasm is reached through the stimulation of the clitoris.
  • Vaginal: Lesser known about how to achieve, and few women can reach orgasm without some clitoral stimulation. This orgasm is attained only through intentional stimulation of the vagina and may be linked to G-spot stimulation.
  • Exercise-Induced:  An exercise-induced orgasm is as it sounds. Exercising activates similar parts of the brain and releases hormones like those experienced during sex. Exercise also increases blood flow, which can make the genitals more sensitive.
  • Sleep: There is also not much that we know about orgasms experienced during sleep, but they could be a result of stimulation from bedding or dreams/fantasies. 
  • Other:  This is a broad area, but it involves stimulating different pleasure zones, such as the nipples or anus.

G-Spot: Where Is It?

While talking about vaginal orgasms, we mentioned the G-spot. The G-spot is an extremely sensitive area, and people have found that a G-spot orgasm can be strong and intense. Many vagina owners, however, may have never experienced an orgasm through G-spot stimulation because it is difficult to find. So the big question is: Where is the G-spot?
One of the reasons it is so hard to find is that it varies between vaginas. An important thing to note is the G-spot is on the front wall of the vagina, and the easiest way to find it is when sexually aroused. It might also be easier to find during masturbation than with a partner. Generally speaking, the G-spot will be an inch or two away from the vaginal opening, though this distance will vary depending on the person. It can be found using fingers or a toy and moving up and along the vaginal wall towards the navel. The best way to find it is to go slow and experiment with what feels best.

What Can Cause an Inability to Orgasm?

As mentioned above, the inability to have an orgasm is very common. Many different things may cause a failure to orgasm. Some of the most common causes are:

  • Stress/anxiety – Stress and anxiety cause both men and women to experience lower sex drives.
  • Medical conditions/medicines – Some medical conditions and medications decrease sexual desire. If you feel that this might be the cause of your inability to orgasm, it is essential to seek advice from your doctor.
  • Lack of communication – Both partners must express their desire for the other as well as what feels good for each person.
  • Overstimulation – Despite what porn and other media would lead you to believe, too much stimulation is not always a good thing. Hard and fast is not going to work for everyone; some might need a slower and gentler approach.
  • Under stimulation – As mentioned above, a majority (studies show around 80 percent) will not orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. Some may need other areas, like the clitoris, stimulated as well.
  • Lack of lubrication – Not all vaginas will create enough natural lubrication for sex to feel pleasurable. Extra lube may be necessary to reach orgasm.


Multiple Orgasms: Is It Real?

Vagina owners can have multiple orgasms. However, not all do, and it can be hard to achieve. The facts are that some may not be able to have multiple, back-to-back orgasms. Some will be oversensitive after their first orgasm. That being said, vaginas have multiple orgasms. How can you reach more orgasms? It depends on the person, but there are some general tips.
Some recommend foreplay, potentially a lot of it. Others say that it is important to pause between attempts. It can be necessary to build back up between each orgasm. Many suggest a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Plenty of lubrication is also a must. The best way to figure out whether you can have multiple orgasms and what works best for you is to experiment, both by yourself and with a partner. Communication is also important. Tell your partner what feels right and what excites you — practicing a lot with help.


If you are struggling with an inability to reach orgasm, remember that you are not alone. One out of three vagina owners struggle with this, and a vast majority report not being able to reach orgasm through vaginal sex alone. There are many reasons why we can have trouble orgasming. If you are struggling, try experimenting on your own. Figure out what you like and bring it up to your partner if you can. You may also want to try mixing things up. Trying toys, for example, can be helpful. Stress and anxiety are reportedly the most common causes of an inability to orgasm in women and men, so you may want to try doing something relaxing before sex. However, if you believe that medication or a medical condition may cause a lack of sex drive, you should speak with your doctor.

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