Modern life moves fast. Never before have there been so many distractions and needs requiring our attention. Life has limitless demands, just balancing between work, home, and family takes hard work. Many of us tend to feel like our lives are like a walk on the tightrope.

The balancing never stops, and neither does the fear or anxiety of falling. Getting out of your head becomes harder as we fall farther into our rhythms, and too many of us get used to living our lives in these emotionally strained and defensive positions.

Our emotional states pour over into our sex lives. If you struggle to be in the moment, you are not alone. Maybe you can’t set aside your day or the things you need to be doing long enough to be present with your partner. Stuck in your head with the bills, chores, workload, children, and more looming over you, it’s no wonder that you can’t relax enough to feel in the mood.

How do I get out of my head and be in the moment?

There is no fast or instant solution that will fix your problems, but the mindfulness solution I propose will start helping right away. Like improving your physical health or learning a new skill, mindfulness and related practices take time to master.

Don’t be discouraged if you struggle, and don’t treat yourself like a failure if it doesn’t click into place right away.

Mindfulness practices are all over the internet and are becoming part of daily life for more people every day, and for a good reason—the evidence supporting the effects of it continues to grow.

Mindfulness has been shown to positively affect life satisfaction, work satisfaction, help with acceptance and self-love. Sexual mindfulness may not be talked about as much, but it is just as important. Bringing mindfulness into multiple areas of your life will create the biggest impact and your sexual satisfaction and life overall. We’ll discuss some of the principles of mindfulness as they relate to sex and encourage you to try to apply them in a more general sense to your life.

Make time for a mindful moment.

Adding a mindful moment or two throughout your day is a small way to incorporate the practice into your daily life. A mindful moment can be scheduled or improvised, set a timer, or the next time you feel stress boiling over to the brim, take one. Set aside a few minutes to do a small exercise.

A mindful moment might include a few minutes of controlled breathing, meditation, or focusing on loving gratitude for something or someone important to you. When we are busy or distracted, we will most often resist setting aside even a few minutes to decompress or to appreciate. These are the moments when we need mindfulness most.

As you progress in your mindful practice, expand it, and establish some routine for daily mindfulness. Women who meditate regularly are also shown to have better sex lives. Examples of good mindfulness daily mindfulness activities: Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, practicing loving gratitude, body scans, and nature walks.

The mindful brain can lead to mind-blowing sex.

Being trapped in your head means you are living in the past or the future, but you are not present. Either you are worrying about something that has already happened and are letting it hold you down, or you are fretting about what hasn’t yet come.

For those who experience performance anxiety, mindfulness can help you leave your worries at the door, letting the experience flow, unblocked by constant fear. As you master mindfulness in daily activities, you’ll find it easier to stay focused in all situations, including sex. Use mindfulness exercises before or during sex to enhance relaxation and physical presence.

For example, meditating for ten to fifteen minutes after getting home from work can help you set your day aside. Allowing you to relax while at home, so if things get intimate, the chances that you are present in the moment instead of thinking about the report you have to prepare in the morning are much better. If you want, check out this practical and full-length “Guide to Meditation” by Headspace, currently available on Netflix.

New to mindfulness? Check out this short video on the practice.

What is mindful sex?

The term mindful sex describes many different actions and activities you undertake with the goal of being in the present moment. Mindfulness emphasizes focusing on bodily sensation, both to anchor the mind in the present and helps realign the body and mind.

Like there are many ways you can be mindful during the workday, there are just as many ways you can practice mindful sex.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Incorporate body scans and breathing exercises into your foreplay. Scanning your body and focusing on the sensation of touch will make you more aware of what each slight touch does and of what you like and don’t like.
  • Limit senses such as sight with blindfolds to force the body to rely more on other senses, like touch.
  • Taking moments of loving appreciation for your partner and the time you get to spend together will bring your connection to the forefront of your mind.
  • Meditate together naked, side by side, or back to back, for ten minutes, focusing on each other.
  • Instead of jumping right to it when you finally get some time alone, take the time to do a mindful exercise together, like taking a short walk or doing controlled breathing exercises. Doing exercises like this will strengthen your bond and bring it to the front of both of your minds.
  • Create a setting suitable for romance and sex. The proper lighting, music, scents, and scene can do wonders to add presence at the moment and make sex special.

Take the pressure off.

The process of becoming mindful and unwinding yourself- especially if you’re naturally tense and have trouble relaxing- will take time, and it can become frustrating when you can’t get it to work.

Remove “should” from your vocabulary. Thinking that you should feel this way or that way will only mislead you and create expectation and pressure.

Thoughts like, “I should be able to get out of my head during sex,” “I should orgasm more easily,” “I should be more sexually curious.” The list goes on. All of this is self-defeating. All you should seek to do is accept yourself for who you are without judgment.

Part of the pressure of sex, what’s called the “orgasmic imperative,” places stress on both people not only to make their partner orgasm but have an orgasm themselves as well. Seeing the orgasm as the ultimate end to sex and anything short of that as failure will ruin your sex life.

It is okay if you don’t orgasm every time you have sex, focus more on the physical sensation and being present in the experience.

This will lead to a stronger mind-body connection, a better sense of what turns you on and what kinds of things you respond to. Developing this sensual aspect of the experience through repeated practice of mindful sex will get you out of your head and continually improve the experience of sex.

Tap into sensuality before sexuality

Before becoming sexual, linger in the sensual realm, whether you’re alone or with a partner. Everything in life is about the journey more than the destination. It is our desires that propel us toward our goals. Just as efficient workers know, harnessing your desire and focusing on it creates want and drive. Not only that, sensuality is critical for living an enriching and fulfilling life, not only for getting the most out of sex but also for finding meaning and joy in experiences.

Think of things that inspire the senses.

Light candles to set the scene. Spend time with each other; sex shouldn’t always be a rush -though that can be a lot of fun too. Give each other massages and take time and care in exploring each other. Focus on the feelings and emotions that arise when you take time. The more you’re in your body before sex starts, the easier it will be to get into your body during sex.

Sensuality refers to the experiences relating to the bodily senses. This is different from the intellect or spirit. In a more specific sense, it refers to physical or sensory pleasure, which is not necessarily sexual. Sex is also a sensual experience, but you should prepare yourself by getting more in touch with your body and senses to make the most of it.

Some examples of sensual experiences are:

  • Having dinner together at a special place, or with food that means something special to you both, is an easy way to find that bond that brought you together in the first place. Taking the time to date your partner will remind you what connects you to them, what attracts you to them and creates desire.
  • Watching a sunset or taking a nature walk together engages sight and brings appreciation for the moment and the ability to be there together.
  • Taking a warm bath together entices sight, sound, touch, and smell. Washing each other and taking time to appreciate one another will ease you into the sexual mood, allowing you to get out of your head and into your body through the steady build-up of anticipation and desire.
  • Massage each other and engage the sense of touch. Not only will it relax both of you, but it will also bring you both into your bodies.
  • Listen to the soundtrack of your love – the songs that played when you met, or when you got married, or that you sing to each other when you’re feeling frisky.
  • Surrounding the bed with sweet candles or a favorite perfume can help create a setting built for intimacy by tempting smell and sight.

Let sex be just about your pleasure sometimes.

When we feel too much responsibility for our partner’s pleasure, it’s essential to learn to get a little selfish and take time to receive. Shown to improve your self-confidence and your sex life, a little selfishness goes a long way. Don’t feel like you owe something in return. Don’t think about how much time it’s taking or whether your partner is tired. Just relax and let yourself be the center of attention.

Mindfulness for sex takes practice and commitment.

When we have gotten used to living life in particular rhythms of habits. To say it’s hard to break them is an understatement. Living inside your head for years makes it a well-ingrained habit that is hard to break. Our habits don’t change overnight, and neither do our ways of thinking.

Mindful sex can help you break free of those daily grinds and enter the present, creating a more fulfilling relationship and life. Slowing down and taking the time to get in touch with your feelings has a rippling effect throughout your life. After all, don’t we all want to live deeply and experience life’s richness with the ones we love?

A lot of couples struggle with their sex lives. The typical problems include an inability to achieve sexual satisfaction due to a variety of reasons. This problem affects vulva-havers than penis-havers. This is because of the unique condition of the anatomy of people assigned female at birth.

If this is your situation, then you have nothing to worry about. Scores of people like you have struggled with this challenge and somehow managed to overcome it. One sure way they achieved this is through using sex toys. An example of one of such toys that have been hailed to be efficacious is a wand massager.


Wand Massager

This article will explore what this tool is, the function it carries out, and how you can use it to achieve maximum pleasure.

What is a Wand Massager?

A wand massager is a very popular sex toy. It consists of a handle with a ball attached to its end. The ball rotates, giving the vibrating motion from which the magic wand massager got its name from. For some wands, the vibrating comes from the handle directly.

Wand massagers have a peculiar history that is tied to the feminist movement. Prior to the time they gained mainstream acceptance, sex toys, especially those designed for vulva-havers, were considered taboo subjects.

The wand was first marketed as a home appliance typically used by vulva-havers. Considering that in the early sixties, people assigned females at birth held sway over their home, it was easy to deceive penis-havers about the true nature and uses of the wand massagers. These personal massager wands were first used to unknot sore muscles. You can thus make use of it as a massaging tool. The sex toy has since gained mainstream popularity and is now mostly used for clitoral stimulation.

At the moment, wand massagers exist in different forms. You can get handheld wand massagers, waterproof wand massagers, and so on.

How Does a Massage Wand Work?

If you are worried that you do not know how the wand massager works, you need not be. A wand operates by rotating the round head fixed on its long handle. There is an electric motor in the handle that powers the head, causing the vibrations. In some cases, the handle is directly attached to the motor, resulting in vibration. However, this type of wand is not quite popular because the rotation extends to the handle, resulting in an unpleasant feeling when you hold the toy.

Another key thing to pay attention to is that the wand has to be operated by a battery, except if it is an electricity-powered plug-in wand vibrator. The original wand massager was made to be plugged into a power source to make sure that the device functions optimally. However, plug-in wand vibrators are no longer in fashion now. The latest technology advanced this model giving much more features.

How Wand Massager Works

How to Use the Wand Massager

There are no complexities involved with using the magic wand. However, the level of satisfaction you get might be tied to how you use the massage wand. Here you can find the instructions on how to use one such wand. Keep in mind a few important things:

  • First, set the mood. Before you begin the sexual exploration, make sure that you set the tone. This could include making sure that the environment is ideal, listening, watching or reading erotic content, and so on.
  • Afterward, start slowly, taking it one spot after the other. You can start with your nipples and move downwards. It is your prerogative to increase or decrease the speed, depending on your preference.
  • Do understand that you can use the wand massager to try different sex positions. It works great for styles like missionary, open-legged spoon, or doggy.
  • When it comes to how to use a personal wand massager, the important thing is to learn how your body works and understanding what achieves the greatest satisfaction for you.


What are Massage Wands Used for?

Massage wands are principally used for two purposes: a tool for massage or a sex toy.

Massaging Tool

Wand Massaging Tool

Body wand massagers can be used to provide relaxing sensations for the body. The most powerful wand massagers, usually those powered with electricity, can generate such a wholesome feeling. If you are experiencing pains in your joints and muscles, a muscle wand massager or a sensual wand massager can be just what you need. As a vulva-haver, a wand massager is perfect to use after a workout.

Sex Toy

Wand Massager

Wand massagers can also be used as a vibrator. You can make use of the rotating head to stimulate your clitoris. Wand massagers are typically designed for external use only. You can use it on your nipple, clitoris, or even penis. However, you may also want to accessorize. There are several items you can attach to your wand massager to aid insertion into the internal orifices in the body. Imagine the pleasure you will enjoy with a sensual touch hand massager stimulating your g-spot.

Why Use a Sex Massage Wand?Wand Massager

As pointed out in the introduction, a lot of individuals struggle to attain sexual satisfaction. Introducing help is often the way to spice up your sexual adventures. In this regard, one “help” that has been proven effective is the wand toy.

You may be concerned about your partner, i.e., if you don’t make use of the wand solo. There is no need to be. A partner that has confidence in their sexual prowess will have no fear about their role being usurped by the wand sex toy. In any case, your satisfaction is primary. Thus, if the vibrator wand is what you need to achieve sexual satisfaction, then, by all means, go for it. 

If you want to go sole too, the wand sex toy is the ideal tool for you. It is perfect as a clit massager. Its long handle is just perfect, meaning that you do not have to strain to reach your clitoris. One thing to take note of, though, is that the wand toy is often huge. If you are starting out, you may want to try something less imposing. When your body has gotten comfortable with the smaller toys (s), you can proceed to get a wand vibrator.

Do understand that the vibrations from the wand are so powerful that you are almost always assured of an intense climax. This is quite important for vulva-havers who experience reduced stimulation, especially as they get older.


If you haven’t heard of, or aren’t currently using a wand massager, then you are missing a lot. This article shows you the benefits of the magic wand. Now, you can get to using it. 

When it comes to sexual pleasure and fulfillment, the clitoris is undoubtedly a major deal. In fact, it’s actually the only organ in the entire human anatomy known to exist solely for the purposes of sexual stimulation. It also has a greater concentration of nerve endings than anywhere else in the male or female body. Essentially, there’s no area of greater importance for the purposes of enjoying sex, and yet it remains a mysterious and often unexplored part of the body for a great number of people.

The Clitoris: What You Should Know About This Mysterious Organ

This clitoris is a complex thing, much more intricate than it’s often thought of being. Though it’s only 3 or 4 centimeters, or possibly up to 7 centimeters when erect, there are thousands of cell structures working to make it what it is. Only a small portion of it is actually visible from the outside, while the majority of its parts are actually internal.

External Parts:

  •     Clitoral Hood
  •     Glans Clitoris

Internal Parts:

  • Body
  • Crura
  • Bulbs
  • Root

Clitoris structure

On the very outside is a flap of skin known as the clitoral hood, which covers and mostly surrounds the glands. Though technically considered a part of the labia, it’s still associated with clitoral anatomy and also pretty important as the part that most people initially see. The glands below it, known as the glans clitoris, are packed with a dense cluster of nerve endings.

The internal parts of the clitoris are where you’ll find most of its erectile structures, meaning the parts that become engorged with blood when you’re aroused. At the very center is the body, which splits into two branch-like structures on either side called the crura. Behind the body, just between the vaginal wall and the labia, are the bulbs. At the very base is the root, which is where all the nerves of the clitoris come together, making it an incredibly sensitive place.

Clitoris Research & The G Spot

As you may know, the issue of the female orgasm remains mysterious, to say the least. According to biologists like Elizabeth Lloyd, no one really knows what really causes them or why it’s easier for some to experience than others. What we’re left with is the experiences of women themselves, along with a little survey data from the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy to gain perspective. It’s no surprise that a majority of cis-gendered women, about 36%, said that clitoral stimulation is necessary for them to experience orgasm. Another 36% reported they could orgasm with vaginal penetration alone, but the experience was less pleasurable. Only 18% of women reported that they could orgasm from penetration exclusively.

More enigmatic than even the female orgasm is the infamous G-spot. Though it’s generally accepted to exist, there is still no firm consensus as to its actual location. The most common assumption is that it’s located on the anterior wall about 5-8 centimeters into the vagina, somewhere in the tissue surrounding the urethra. Also controversial is how pleasurable the G-spot actually is. According to polls, the issue is about half and half. Some love G-spot stimulation, while others find it simply uncomfortable.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite

Can You Squirt From Clitoral Stimulation?

According to the latest statistics, about 10% of people with vaginas can squirt from having contact with their clitoris alone. It’s actually much more likely to happen when applying pressure to the G-spot, but not impossible otherwise. The best and only way to find out is to experience it for yourself.

How To Stimulate The Clitoris For Maximum Pleasure

It’s an incredibly important fact that not everyone likes their clitoris to be touched the same way. What feels amazing to some may be irritating or uncomfortable to others. If one thing isn’t working out for you. you should probably try a different motion or technique. There are several ways you can go about it, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little to find what works best.

Above all, the thing most vagina havers prefer is Rhythm. 75% say they prefer a constant and repetitive motion like the beat of a song with light to medium pressure applied. Some may prefer being touched directly on their clitoris, but for others, this might be overstimulating and unpleasant. In fact, a significant amount enjoys being stimulated on the skin around the clitoris or an occasional touch to it without any pressure. It’s even possible to prefer no contact with the clitoris whatsoever.

How to stimulate clitoris
Photo by Bennie Lukas Bester

Paths Of Motion

In addition to pressure and the area it’s applied, the path you take to apply the pressure can make all the difference. Tracing different patterns on and around the clitoris is a great place to start discovering what feels right.

Types Of Motions You Should Try:

  • Up & Down
  • Side to side
  • Circular
  • Pulsating
  • Flicking
  • Wide ovals
  • Long ovals
  • Diagonal
  • Squeezing
  • Pulling
  • Pushing/pressing

Trying these in different combinations of intensity and in different places will give you a range of sensations, some of which are likely to cause that delightfully ecstatic response you’re searching for. It’s possible to love any, all, or none of them. As is usual with sexual gratification, the possibilities are numerous and your personal favorites are bound to take some exploring to find.

Making The Most Of Clitoral Excitement

Now that we’ve covered the basics, you should have a firm grasp of the pleasurable potential clitoral stimulation can provide. Of course, there are plenty of ways to enhance the power and enjoyment of clitoral orgasms with the help of the right toys and sexual positions. The best orgasms are often the ones that come from finding something new that you’ve never felt before.

VibePlanet has the tools you need to reach the heights of ecstasy you need to quench your desires. Our specially designed clitoral vibrators are perfect for hitting the right spot in just the right way to leave you ideally drained and content. Be sure to take a look at our selection and remember that there are many paths to orgasm, but there’s always a way for more!

Adding a Rabbit Vibrator to Sex

The rabbit sex toy is notably famous for enhancing both clitoral and vaginal orgasms simultaneously. If you’re in the market for a sex stimulator, the rabbit vibrator works well because it can cause slow stimulation, especially when set to low vibrations. What’s more, if you’re on the hunt for a couple’s sex toys, this vibrator comes in handy. Vibrators used with a partner, are a fun way to add excitement to otherwise routine sex life. Or give yourself a little private time while enjoying clitoral or vaginal stimulation with the vibrator.

Sex Positions for Using Your Rabbit Vibrator

Knowing several sex positions to try with a vibrator will help ease the toy into the action, without the awkwardness, especially if you have a partner. You can try the following sex positions with sex toys to find the right one for you.

Missionary Position

The missionary can get more intimate, especially with enhanced action on the clitoris. Find the right angle where your partner supports their weight while thrusting and use the rabbit toy to pleasure yourself.

Vulva Haver of Top of Penis Owner Position

Being on top gives you more control over the intensity of your thrusts. If you’re up for double penetration, you can allow the sex toy to handle the clitoris and vagina, while enjoying anal penetration. However, the bunny ears can also work as great stimulators while you enjoy vaginal thrusts from your partner.

Doggy Style Position

Who says the rabbit vibrators can’t work as doggy style sex toys? Picture this- your partner penetrating you from the back while you set the pace of your clitoral stimulation using your vibrator. As you enjoy the thrusts, you can gradually raise the tempo from the vibrations. If you don’t mind turning it up several times, go for the anal doggy and pair it with your favorite dual-motor vaginal and clitoral toys.

Mutual Masturbation

Masturbation doesn’t have to be solo play. If you and your partner are in the mood for something novel, try masturbating together. Mutual masturbation is one of the best sex toy positions, especially if you’re both vulva owners. Place the rabbit stimulators in position and use your hands, legs, and lips to feel each other.

Pole Dancers Position

Spice up the reverse riding sessions with your partner while enjoying clitoral stimulation from your sex toy. Position yourself comfortably to ensure that you’re strong enough to thrust yourself up and down while holding on to the vibrator. Or you can take the fun to an actual pole and give a show!

Oral Sex

Going down on your partner while thrusting yourself with fingers can be challenging. You can let the vibrator handle the thrusting while you take care of the tongue work. Alternatively, you can switch in between oral sex and using the vibrator. Paring clitoral and anal stimulation can also work wonders.


The rabbit sex toy is an exciting way to improve sex with partners, or during masturbation and may increase the intensity of orgasms. Try incorporating it into different sex positions as you enjoy the benefits.

The why and the how of nude photography from San Francisco’s premier nude photographer.

We sat down with Igor Capibaribe of Nudefy Me, to ask about his work, his clients and why we should all be photographed naked. In nearly two decades partnering with women, Igor’s work has made women feel more powerful, more in control, and stronger feminine energy. What we found out in an exclusive interview with this multi-talented artist will leave you wanting to book an appointment now.

What is Nudefy Me?

Nudefy Me is a fine art nude photography boutique. We are dedicated to providing women with the most unique and elegant nude photography and most sophisticated final products on the market.

How long have you been in the business of nude photography?

I’ve been shooting nude fine art for 19 years, but I started expanding beyond just photography and into a broader variety of mediums about 15 years ago.

Why nudes?

I am fascinated by it. My father was a photographer. Being introduced to so many new mediums and ways to deliver the works made the possibilities even more exciting. Growing up, I was inspired by Richard Avedon, J.R. Duran, and Bob Wolfenson, to mention a few.

Who are the women you work with? What type of women are your clients?

I have photographed women from every walk of life. They are moms, CEOs, doctors, nurses, your coffee pal, your next-door neighbor—anyone who decided that the day to celebrate her body photographically has arrived.

When my clients call, I never ask about age, body type, or anything about their physical attributes. These are not the details that impact the success of the shoot. What makes a great shoot is usually whatever has inspired them to reach out to me. It could be a milestone they achieved, a significant life event, or just something they’ve always been curious about.

What are some of the challenges women face when they arrive at the shoot?

The first 5 minutes have to be the hardest. Being naked in front of a stranger. I absolutely understand, but they come with their minds made. They soon realize that they are undressing from themselves; I am only a channel to make that moment be frozen in time. There’s a sense of calm and, especially, trust.

I give them directions, suggestions, I hear their ideas, and soon we are just laughing between shots and the time just flies.

What are some of the benefits of doing a nude photo shoot?

One of the things I hear the most is: I wish I had done it sooner.

But there are so many reasons to do a nude photo shoot: A new life-changing commitment, a celebration, to document yourself before and after plastic surgery, or people that had life-changing experiences with their bodies, like babies, or even accidents. Post-divorce is a very common one too. A new, more adventurous me. I often hear how my clients were happy to have captured that moment in time to document their lives in this way and had their photos to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Would you say these nude, bold, honest images bring self-liberation to women?

From the feedback I’ve heard throughout my nearly two decades partnering with women, yes, it has made them feel more powerful, more in control, and stronger feminine energy. So, a big YES! Some women have chosen to partner out of curiosity, others are checking off a personal bucket list moment, and others do it to gain more self-awareness and confidence in their own sensuality.

Who are the photos for?

For my clients. I see the result as small parts of our shoot, as projections of things I lived and experienced. I want them present there; esthetic, taste, colors, and the emotional response I know will come with them. It’s a synergy of efforts.

Why don’t most pictures capture the face of the subject?

They do. I just never use my client’s faces for advertising my business. I never disclose who I have photographed. This means I won’t tag them on any social media; I pretend I don’t know them on the streets if they are with someone, so they don’t have to explain how they know me. I want my clients to be confident that their privacy is safe. They trust me, and I take that very seriously. I adopted this approach 19 years ago when I began, and it has served my clients and my business well.

Why should a client do a photo shoot with you?

You can’t find the combination of experiences I provide anywhere else. My approach and my delivery are totally unique. I build some of my art in 3D, I can integrate augmented reality into my art, and I created my own vacuum form machine, so I could make something 100% original for my clients. I am so passionate about my craft, and that shows through my work rather than words… If this is not loving, I don’t know what love is. My photography is the result of everything else I committed myself to explore. I will absolutely translate that into our photos and deliverables.

What can your clients expect when working with you?

That I understand that we are there to build something, immersed into creating something different and timeless. That I will listen to you. That I know, you are present, and a bit vulnerable, and I will always respect your wishes and be mindful of your safety and comfort. That I will push to have something more daring than just cookie cutter poses and that in the back of my head, I have a solution that can feel proud to display on your walls.

What are some of the creations that come out of these photoshoots?  

Books, reveal boxes, sculptures, light installations, large format prints, wall installations, jewelry, mixed media unique art pieces and now virtual augmented reality rooms.

The Process from nudefyme on Vimeo.

What is your goal when you do these photo shoots?

That my client is wowed. Some clients can’t even believe they are the ones in the photos, some don’t think they felt so comfortable, some don’t recognize their freeing attitude. Personally, I want my work to be a timeless memory. A great, fun time.

Some people may just do this once in their life, so I feel it’s my job to have them experience all that it is, to enjoy it and share with others and encourage them to invest in themselves too.

What is your advice for women who feel uncomfortable when they first arrive at a nude photoshoot?

I always try to meet before shooting day for a coffee, so we get to chat a bit. It’s not necessary, but I know it helps to relax. I am working to build your comfort and ease pre conceived tensions. I am all about making set time fun. If anyone is feeling nervous, I am there to make you laugh and relax. Laughter is the best way to ease the tension…that and chocolate!

What should women look for when booking a nude photoshoot?

I would say, have a close look at my work on Instagram and on my website. My style is there. Reach out and ask questions, share your ideas, tell me your level of comfort, and who the work is for—yourself or a gift for a significant other. From there, we discuss the ideas and choose a plan in advance. No surprises on shoot day. It’s all about knowing what to expect.

How do you establish trust with your clients?

I think demeanor. People can read you. I am clearly excited to build things, but I understand they are there for the work, not for me. I am there because I’m passionate about my work. In life, I am happily married and a proud father of two beautiful children.

What is your advice for women who want to schedule a nude photo shoot but are doubtful?

The anticipation is harder than reality. By far, a large percentage of people I have photographed have said they were surprised how easy it all went.

How does a client get ready for a nude shoot? What would be some of your advice?

I recommend drinking a lot of water several days in advance, it will clear your skin and make you look glorious. Eat, please eat. Have a salad, yogurt, fruit, and bring snacks to keep your energy up. The day before our shoot, schedule a manicure and pedicure. Pubic hair is up to you, but many of my clients will do a trim and wax beforehand. Don’t wear underwear or a bra two hours beforehand; wear something loose-fitting to avoid marks on your skin. Have a music selection you like ready. Music is everything. Bring a comb or hairbrush. Use a perfume that makes you feel confident and feminine.

What is the process of coming up with location/narrative for a shoot?

I have different packages with different styles of shots. We can do outdoor and take grounded shots and use a drone for beautiful aerial shots. We can do indoors, usually at a hotel and have three different settings: bed, backlight and milk bathtub. It all varies and evolves, depending on the client and her level of energy and comfort. Some clients have ideas and specific ways they would like to be portrayed, so we follow that.

You can find Igor on Insta @igorcapibaribe. His website is: Don’t be shy.