Having Sex on Your Period: Pros and Cons of Period Sex

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Period sex can seem intimidating, although it shouldn’t be. It can help reduce pain during your period and even help shorten the length of your period. Although it’s a fact that there’s going to be blood, so make sure to talk with your partner, so you’re both on the same page. But after sex, the amount of relief you’ll feel is worth it. While it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, there are still a handful of benefits to having sex on your period.
The most talked-about benefit of period sex is the added health benefits. Being on your period sucks, and between cramps and headaches, it can be painful. But sex can help reduce the pain felt caused by your period.

Having sex releases endorphins, which act as a painkiller, and those endorphins help relieve headaches. And for your cramps, not only do the endorphins help but orgasming does too. An orgasm can help diminish cramps as your muscles relax afterward, causing the pain to cease.
Other health benefits include:
· Increases your immune system
· Improves bladder control
· Lowers risk of heart attack
· Improves your sleep
Another benefit includes having a shortened period due to having an orgasm. During an orgasm, your muscles contract, which causes your uterus lining to shed even quicker than usual. Contractions from orgasms can cause your uterus to finish bleeding sooner than when it’s supposed to, therefore, creating a shortened period.
One myth is that you can’t get pregnant while on your period. The risk of pregnancy is still prevalent even when menstruating. But the chance of getting pregnant decreases considerably. So, while it’s not impossible to get pregnant, the risk does go down. Although it is still best to play it safe and use a form of birth control when having sex.

So yes: you can have sex on your period. The pros of having sex on your period outweigh any con for many people. There is a slew of benefits that come with having sex on your period, which include:
· Shortened periods
· Less chance of getting pregnant
· Relief from pain
· Higher libido = more pleasure
Try period sex at least once to see if the benefits help you may create a new routine to add to that time of the month.