Your gender, body parts, sexual preferences and identity are welcome here.

When it comes to an understanding of sexual and gender identities, the generational divide is real. We are navigating generational specific challenges of yesterday and learning how to apply them to today’s generation & their sexual education. So everyone can be comfortable with sexual practices or identities not widely known or understood, we help to sort out the confusion. We believe that we must embrace that sex is a natural human experience, meant to be pleasurable and practiced alone or with a consenting partner. 

Own Your Pleasure

We are sexual pleasure positive enthusiasts, and advocates for a healthy mindset so that you can feel good about your intimate needs and desires. We believe that pleasure begins with you: your mindset + body education at any age. When you find sexual satisfaction in a way that is right for you and leave behind the blockers caused by shame or feeling not good enough, you are free to get pleasure your way.


With your sexual pleasure in mind, we source affordable, luxurious, high-quality bedroom toys.

With the multitude of options in the market, some questionable and others overly expensive, we set out on a mission to find affordable, luxury intimate accessories and adult toys. Our goals are to help you feel more confident about your sex life. Our toys don’t collect data or compete on tech trends. We select classic toys with quality and affordability to help make them accessible to you. 

User Testing = Lucky Us + Lucky You 

We seek feedback on our products, so you know what to expect from our toys. Due to the nature of intimate products, deciding on the best type and kind of toy can be confusing, especially if you’re new at this. That’s why you’ll find the classics here. We strive to give you the information you need to make the best decision to satisfy your sexual needs and desires.

Achieve your best sex life.

We want to break boundaries and remove the taboos associated with sex and intimacy. Get informed about your body, your parts, and your experiences. Learn to express your true sexual self. See beyond societal walls and allow yourself to be vulnerable in your desires and expand on your approach to sexuality. Get curious and grow your understanding of being sexual and become better with body education. Boost your knowledge on self-love & partnered intimacy with our daily dose of inspiration. Own your pleasure.