Did you know that sex and sleep share a lot more than a bed where you typically have both?
The connection between the two is strong, and one can easily be affected by the other, either in a good or bad way.
Your feelings of sleepiness are regulated by your body clock AKA circadian rhythm. It’s important to live in the same day/night cycle to keep melatonin production stable. Unstable melatonin, in turn, affects other hormones production, causing a decrease in estrogen and testosterone levels as compared to cortisol levels. As a result, you may suddenly experience low libido or other sexual dysfunctions.
Ironically, it’s sex that can improve your sleep and thus your sexual life. How? The feel-good hormones released after orgasms act just like a sedative helping you relax and fall asleep faster.
Here’s how you can improve your sleep & sex life:
🌛Get eight or more hours of sleep every night
🌛Limit your caffeine intake before sleep
🌛Turn off all screens a couple of hours before sleep
🌛Time for sex!

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