The Benefits of Masturbation

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Here’s why regular self-love is good for you:

✌️ Climaxing can be a powerful stress-reliever as it causes a release of endorphins in your body. More endorphins = more happiness, all to yourself!

✌️ Exploring your own body is extremely beneficial for sexual self-esteem and self-acceptance. Let alone, sex with a partner gets way better when you know exactly how your body likes it.

✌️ Strengthening your pelvic area is a natural side-effect of masturbation. Self-play involves a lot of flexing, releasing, and massaging of muscles down there, so you are practically exercising while having a wonderful time.

✌️ Believe it or not, according to scientists masturbation is also a great unconventional way to give your immune system a boost.

✌️ Forget about trouble falling asleep. Giving yourself an orgasm is a sure-fire way to increase dopamine levels, which will make you feel euphoric and relaxed. After the moment of pure bliss, you are ready for a night of deep restful sleep.