The Health Benefits of Sex Toys

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For Women

Research suggests that adult sex toys are useful for more than sexual pleasure. Many health specialists believe that sex toys can be used to treat certain medical conditions. For example, research has shown that using sex toys can help relieve symptoms of menopause in women. They can also be used to treat vaginismus, a condition that causes an involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles. Traditionally, this condition has been treated with the use of dilators; however, medical professionals have also suggested that using slim vibrators can have similar results. Since these female sex toys are already associated with pleasure, they tend to be a more accepted and comfortable option than dilators.

Using sex toys can alleviate conditions such as low libido, lack of arousal, vaginal pain and tightness, and vaginal atrophy. There are also general health benefits that come from using sex toys, such as relieving pain or stress, boosting the immune system, or helping someone fall asleep.

For Men

So what about the benefits of sex toys for men?  Sex toys actually have health benefits for men as well.  They can assist with the treatment of conditions such as low sex drive, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.  Using toys such as constrictive rings or vibrators have been shown to delay ejaculation or help men gain an erection. Research also shows that men who use sex toys are less likely to develop these conditions.  Using sex toys can also make men more aware of their sexual health, allowing them to recognize when problems do arise and seek out medical advice. Men who use sex toys also gain general health benefits, like assistance in falling asleep, stress and pain relief and an immune system boost.

Quicker Orgasm

There are many couples out there that have trouble achieving orgasm.  Sex toys can be the answer to questions like, “How can I achieve orgasm quickly?” or “How can I help my partner climax?”  Many women will not orgasm through penetrative sex alone. And there are many men out there who suffer from erectile dysfunction or a low sex drive.  Sex toys are a great way to help everyone have a good time. Clitoral stimulation is one of the sure-fire ways to bring a woman to a satisfying orgasm.  Sex toys like vibrators can make this task much easier.

Sex Toys Can Rejuvenate Vaginas

Menopause can bring about many uncomfortable symptoms in women.  Menopause decreases women’s production of many different hormones.  Vaginal tightness, dryness and atrophy are common symptoms of menopause that can make sex a painful undertaking.  This lack of hormones can also lead to a low sex drive. Once again, sex toys can come to the rescue here. Using vibrators encourages vaginal lubrication and can also help to relax vaginal muscles and increase blood flow.  But sex toys are not just helpful for alieving menopausal symptoms. They can also be used to help women recover from surgery and childbirth. Overall, adult toys can be extremely helpful in ensuring a woman’s sexual health.

Helps Prevent Diseases

Adult toys can also aid in disease prevention.  They allow you to enjoy all the fun with very low risk.  However, proper care is key. It is important to keep adult toys clean and use them safely.  Using sex toys avoids the risks of contracting or spreading an STI. STIs are contagious, but they are also preventable diseases.  Thy key is making sure you are following safe sex practices.


Sex has been a taboo subject for hundreds of years.  That includes sex toys as well. However, recent years has seen conversations about sex to be more and more acceptable.  More research is being done regarding sex, including the benefits of sex toys. There are some more well-known benefits. For example, adult toys make it easier for people to achieve climax.  There are a lot of people who struggle to orgasm. Sex toys can be introduced as a solution to intimacy problems.

Sex toys also have many different health benefits.  Generally speaking, orgasms have certain health benefits.  Adult toys provide an easy way to gain these benefits. They can help reduce stress and pain.  Reports also show that sex toys can be used to help people fall asleep. Orgasms have also been shown to boost the immune system.

However, they also have more specific medical uses.  Women can use sex toys to treat symptoms of menopause or to encourage healing after surgery or childbirth.  They can also be a more comfortable option for treating vaginismus than vaginal dilators. Men can use male sex toys to treat erectile dysfunction, low sex drive or premature ejaculation.  Men and women who use adult sex toys are also more aware of their sexual health. They are more likely to recognize irregularities; meaning, they are also more likely to seek help and medical advice sooner.