The Influence of Cannabis

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While the influence of cannabis on female sexual and reproductive health is yet to be fully researched, there are certain effects that are likely to be experienced by habitual users according to some studies:
1. Cannabis can work as a painkiller for period cramps.
2. It may relieve premenstrual symptoms as a relaxant and by affecting hormonal levels directly.
3. THC may be able to shorten a menstrual cycle.
4. It may suppress or block ovulation.
5. THC use may prevent implantation of an embryo.
6. Cannabis can boost sexual desire.
7. As a great relaxant, it is likely to relieve anxiety before sex and make sex more satisfying.
8. Cannabis use can help deal with hot flashes and mood swings during menopause.

Make sure to talk to your doctor before marijuana use! There’s plenty of cannabis mixes for different therapeutic effects.

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