Tips on testicle play

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When done right, testicle play can be extremely enjoyable both for balls-owners and their partners. A couple of tips, though:
πŸ’ Communication is key. No two penis-havers are the same, and sometimes even no two balls are. Try different techniques and get your partner to share how they like it most.
πŸ’ Don’t take your partner by surprise. Start off gently (but not too softly) and keep it that way unless asked for more intense stimulation.
πŸ’ Take off your rings and watch your nails and teeth. The scrotum skin is very delicate and thin.

Here’re a few techniques to experiment with:
🍌 Pay attention to the seam–the very sensitive line between two testicles. Stroke it with your tongue or fingers from top down and back along the sack.
🍌 Gently rub, pull, or pinch the skin of the sack. Roll it between your fingertips. Add lube for a smoother touch.
🍌 Play with the balls: cup both testicles, squeeze or pull carefully, roll them in your palm like dice, or softly tap with your fingertips.
🍌 Use your mouth: lick all over the scrotum, suck on the bit of skin or put the whole ball in your mouth and suck lightly. Flick your tongue quickly back and forth, and between the balls. Trace circles around the balls.
🍌 Pair activities: play with the scrotum while rimming, fingering, or blowing your partner. Get mouthy on their nuts while giving them a hand job–the combinations are endless!
🍌 Incorporate toys: use massagers and testicle vibrators or combine testicle play with a butt plug or prostate vibrator to add to the sensation.

Go nuts! 🌟🌟