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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex, like many things in life, can get stale if you repeat the same acts over and over. Having routine sex, again and again, is a great way to turn something that is supposed to be a fun, exciting experience into something dull and overly familiar.

With all the benefits to sex, it is essential to have a healthy sex life. So, how can you spice up your sex life? What can you do to improve sex? There are a few factors that can make sex better. They include:

  • Directing your attention to what’s important during sex
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Decreasing the amount of alcohol you consume
  • Use sex products to bring new experiences into the bedroom

All of these are great ways to improve sex and make sure you have a healthy sex life. So, let’s dive deeper into these factors.

Stop Focusing on Sex (Too Much)

It might sound contradictory at first. How am I supposed to work on improving my sex life while not focusing on sex? There are a few key points to keep in mind. One, there is nothing wrong with thinking about sex. However, focusing on anything to the end of obsession can be a bad thing. Also, it’s important to not just think about sex as something physical. It can be a very romantic, intimate experience, and it can be essential to focus on the emotions of you and your partner rather than the act itself. A constant focus on sex can be unhealthy, and it can cause you to develop unhealthy attitudes towards sex and masturbation. 


How can you stop thinking about sex? There are plenty of strategies that people use to stop focusing on sex.

  • Learn to recognize and avoid triggers. 
  • Find creative outlets to devote your time and energy to. 
  • Keep busy. 
  • Try to think of something unsexy. 

Remember, there is nothing wrong with thinking about sex. However, focusing on sex too much can take away from the pleasure of it and may leave your partner disgruntled.

Maintain a Diet for a Healthy Sex Life

This one is a little more self-explanatory. Eating a balanced diet boosts your immune system, prevents certain diseases and medical conditions, and gives you more energy. Eating a poor diet has many negative consequences, and one of those is that it impacts your sex drive. If you have less energy, you likely won’t be as interested in sex. Also, a poor diet can lead to health conditions that make having sex harder. For example, one major cause of erectile dysfunction is obesity and diabetes. Studies have also shown that improving your heart health improves blood flow through the body, which is an important factor in sex.

So, what is a proper diet for a better sex life? What should you be eating? A healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, nuts, etc. is the best option. Also, eat less fatty foods or foods with high sugar content. Eating more of these high-calorie foods will lead to weight gain, which could, in turn, lead to health problems.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Many people relate alcohol with sex, as it can lower your inhibitions. A big cliche in media is a person getting drunk and having an increased sex drive. However, just because alcohol might increase your likelihood of engaging in sex, does not mean it helps you have a healthy sex life. Alcohol consumption can lead to developing certain medical conditions. Studies show that alcohol is linked to erectile dysfunction. 

Alcohol does not only negatively impact you physically, but it also affects your behavior. When you are drunk, you are more likely to engage in risky activities, including unprotected sex. This leads to an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Your behavior while drunk can also put a strain on the people around you, affecting your relationships with them. If you want a healthy sex life, you should do whatever you can to reduce your alcohol consumption.

Use Lubricant 

Many people mistakenly believe that lube is not for your every-day sex. It is either associated with menopausal women or activities where lube is needed to prevent injury, such as anal sex. This is not the case. Using lube during sex can be an excellent way to spice up your sex life. Not only can it generally make sex more enjoyable, but it can also make sex last longer. Plus, there are many different types of lubricants out there that can add something new to the experience. For example, there are flavored lubes or lubes that create different sensations. 

What is the best lube for sex? Well, there are a few main types of lube, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. The three most common types are oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based. 

No matter which lube you chose to go with, using lubricant is a great way to make sure everyone is having fun.


Use Sexual Health Products

Sexual health is important, and many products can help improve it. These include male sexual health products and female sexual health products. There are supplements that men and women can take to increase testosterone and estrogen. Sex toys can also help improve sexual wellness and can be an excellent way to spice up sex in the bedroom. There are also products out there that keep you healthy by making sure genitals and sex toys are kept clean. Other products help to protect you from and prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

It is important to research what sexual health products are right for you. Everyone is different, and what might help one person may not be useful for another.


Having a healthy sex life is important, but it can also be challenging. Spicing things up in the bedroom is not always easy, and no one method is going to work for everyone. The methods mentioned above are all practical ways that can help. However, one of the best ways to keep a healthy sex life is communication. You have to talk with your partner and take each other’s feelings, anxieties, and concerns into account. If you think eating better will help, talk with your partner. Maybe you can diet together. Do you consider adding lube or sex toys will make things more fun? Figure out what you and your partner are interested in trying out. Spicing up your sex life is an important part of keeping up your sexual wellness, but it is one that is much more fun if you are not doing it alone.