Ways to make staying at home more fun

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Being stuck at home sucks and working from home may not be as relaxing as it seems, but there are certainly ways to make this experience more fun.

Here’s what you can add to your work-from-home routine to help yourself live through the quarantine:

🍒 Come up with a few morning self-care rituals for your mind and body: a breathing exercise or meditation, a facial or a workout, some quality time with a favorite sex toy–an hour just for yourself will certainly set you up for a productive day ahead.
🍒 Dress up! Even if no one’s gonna see you, who cares? Put on the best lingerie and a new outfit, do your hair and makeup, wear your favorite perfume, and simply enjoy yourself.
🍒 Take a massage break. Don’t wait until your work becomes literally a pain in the neck (or ass!), every once in a while take a few minutes to give yourself a massage to relieve tension. A wand vibrator with a flexible rotating head is perfect for that. Start with your neck and shoulders, and see where it takes you…
🍒 Go commando 😉Taking a conference call in just your undies below the waist, or even with no undies on is kinda fun. And hot. Oh yeah, and that massager might come in handy again.
🍒 Plan a Zoom date to go on at the end of the day. Thanks to technology, a lockdown will not get in the way of a healthy romance. If things get steamy in that video-chat, you are up to seriously safe and enjoyable (God bless intimate toys!) sex.

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