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The why and the how of nude photography from San Francisco’s premier nude photographer.

We sat down with Igor Capibaribe of Nudefy Me, to ask about his work, his clients and why we should all be photographed naked. In nearly two decades partnering with women, Igor’s work has made women feel more powerful, more in control, and stronger feminine energy. What we found out in an exclusive interview with this multi-talented artist will leave you wanting to book an appointment now.

What is Nudefy Me?

Nudefy Me is a fine art nude photography boutique. We are dedicated to providing women with the most unique and elegant nude photography and most sophisticated final products on the market.

How long have you been in the business of nude photography?

I’ve been shooting nude fine art for 19 years, but I started expanding beyond just photography and into a broader variety of mediums about 15 years ago.

Why nudes?

I am fascinated by it. My father was a photographer. Being introduced to so many new mediums and ways to deliver the works made the possibilities even more exciting. Growing up, I was inspired by Richard Avedon, J.R. Duran, and Bob Wolfenson, to mention a few.

Who are the women you work with? What type of women are your clients?

I have photographed women from every walk of life. They are moms, CEOs, doctors, nurses, your coffee pal, your next-door neighbor—anyone who decided that the day to celebrate her body photographically has arrived.

When my clients call, I never ask about age, body type, or anything about their physical attributes. These are not the details that impact the success of the shoot. What makes a great shoot is usually whatever has inspired them to reach out to me. It could be a milestone they achieved, a significant life event, or just something they’ve always been curious about.

What are some of the challenges women face when they arrive at the shoot?

The first 5 minutes have to be the hardest. Being naked in front of a stranger. I absolutely understand, but they come with their minds made. They soon realize that they are undressing from themselves; I am only a channel to make that moment be frozen in time. There’s a sense of calm and, especially, trust.

I give them directions, suggestions, I hear their ideas, and soon we are just laughing between shots and the time just flies.

What are some of the benefits of doing a nude photo shoot?

One of the things I hear the most is: I wish I had done it sooner.

But there are so many reasons to do a nude photo shoot: A new life-changing commitment, a celebration, to document yourself before and after plastic surgery, or people that had life-changing experiences with their bodies, like babies, or even accidents. Post-divorce is a very common one too. A new, more adventurous me. I often hear how my clients were happy to have captured that moment in time to document their lives in this way and had their photos to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Would you say these nude, bold, honest images bring self-liberation to women?

From the feedback I’ve heard throughout my nearly two decades partnering with women, yes, it has made them feel more powerful, more in control, and stronger feminine energy. So, a big YES! Some women have chosen to partner out of curiosity, others are checking off a personal bucket list moment, and others do it to gain more self-awareness and confidence in their own sensuality.

Who are the photos for?

For my clients. I see the result as small parts of our shoot, as projections of things I lived and experienced. I want them present there; esthetic, taste, colors, and the emotional response I know will come with them. It’s a synergy of efforts.

Why don’t most pictures capture the face of the subject?

They do. I just never use my client’s faces for advertising my business. I never disclose who I have photographed. This means I won’t tag them on any social media; I pretend I don’t know them on the streets if they are with someone, so they don’t have to explain how they know me. I want my clients to be confident that their privacy is safe. They trust me, and I take that very seriously. I adopted this approach 19 years ago when I began, and it has served my clients and my business well.

Why should a client do a photo shoot with you?

You can’t find the combination of experiences I provide anywhere else. My approach and my delivery are totally unique. I build some of my art in 3D, I can integrate augmented reality into my art, and I created my own vacuum form machine, so I could make something 100% original for my clients. I am so passionate about my craft, and that shows through my work rather than words… If this is not loving, I don’t know what love is. My photography is the result of everything else I committed myself to explore. I will absolutely translate that into our photos and deliverables.

What can your clients expect when working with you?

That I understand that we are there to build something, immersed into creating something different and timeless. That I will listen to you. That I know, you are present, and a bit vulnerable, and I will always respect your wishes and be mindful of your safety and comfort. That I will push to have something more daring than just cookie cutter poses and that in the back of my head, I have a solution that can feel proud to display on your walls.

What are some of the creations that come out of these photoshoots?  

Books, reveal boxes, sculptures, light installations, large format prints, wall installations, jewelry, mixed media unique art pieces and now virtual augmented reality rooms.

The Process from nudefyme on Vimeo.

What is your goal when you do these photo shoots?

That my client is wowed. Some clients can’t even believe they are the ones in the photos, some don’t think they felt so comfortable, some don’t recognize their freeing attitude. Personally, I want my work to be a timeless memory. A great, fun time.

Some people may just do this once in their life, so I feel it’s my job to have them experience all that it is, to enjoy it and share with others and encourage them to invest in themselves too.

What is your advice for women who feel uncomfortable when they first arrive at a nude photoshoot?

I always try to meet before shooting day for a coffee, so we get to chat a bit. It’s not necessary, but I know it helps to relax. I am working to build your comfort and ease pre conceived tensions. I am all about making set time fun. If anyone is feeling nervous, I am there to make you laugh and relax. Laughter is the best way to ease the tension…that and chocolate!

What should women look for when booking a nude photoshoot?

I would say, have a close look at my work on Instagram and on my website. My style is there. Reach out and ask questions, share your ideas, tell me your level of comfort, and who the work is for—yourself or a gift for a significant other. From there, we discuss the ideas and choose a plan in advance. No surprises on shoot day. It’s all about knowing what to expect.

How do you establish trust with your clients?

I think demeanor. People can read you. I am clearly excited to build things, but I understand they are there for the work, not for me. I am there because I’m passionate about my work. In life, I am happily married and a proud father of two beautiful children.

What is your advice for women who want to schedule a nude photo shoot but are doubtful?

The anticipation is harder than reality. By far, a large percentage of people I have photographed have said they were surprised how easy it all went.

How does a client get ready for a nude shoot? What would be some of your advice?

I recommend drinking a lot of water several days in advance, it will clear your skin and make you look glorious. Eat, please eat. Have a salad, yogurt, fruit, and bring snacks to keep your energy up. The day before our shoot, schedule a manicure and pedicure. Pubic hair is up to you, but many of my clients will do a trim and wax beforehand. Don’t wear underwear or a bra two hours beforehand; wear something loose-fitting to avoid marks on your skin. Have a music selection you like ready. Music is everything. Bring a comb or hairbrush. Use a perfume that makes you feel confident and feminine.

What is the process of coming up with location/narrative for a shoot?

I have different packages with different styles of shots. We can do outdoor and take grounded shots and use a drone for beautiful aerial shots. We can do indoors, usually at a hotel and have three different settings: bed, backlight and milk bathtub. It all varies and evolves, depending on the client and her level of energy and comfort. Some clients have ideas and specific ways they would like to be portrayed, so we follow that.

You can find Igor on Insta @igorcapibaribe. His website is: Don’t be shy.