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Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all way to keep adult toys out of reach. The choice of your perfect secret place depends on many factors like who you live with, which parts of your home can or can’t be accessed by other people, the type and size of the toy, and so on.

However, don’t get fancy with spots like a vacuum cleaner dust bag or hose (yes, some people do that 😅), or else getting the toy out discreetly will turn into a challenge of its own. The important thing is that your sextoy is within easy reach of where it’s going to be used and cleaned.

Here are some ideas:

🔐 Mini safe
🔐 Lock box
🔐 Fake book box (the more boring the better)
🔐 False-bottom drawer
🔐 Zippered cushion cover or secret pillow pocket
🔐 Fitness bottle
🔐 Coat’s sleeve or pocket
🔐 Purse you don’t use
🔐 Poster tube
🔐 Underneath your mattress (watch out for memory foam!🙃)